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Implemented in Flora-2/XSB, F-OWL is an inference engine for the standard Web Ontology Language OWL. A set of Java API is provided for applications to assert and query OWL ontology statements.




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Pysg - Python IRC Stats Generator

Pysg is an IRC stats generator written in Python and modelled off of pisg. Eventually this project will be able to function as a replacement for pisg, implementing all of its features. Improvements on pisg are in progress as well, such as the spiffing Django frontend. News: Version 0.1.1 is out! Grab your copy in the Downloads section This project was started by: Landon Fowles (Computer Engineering, Kansas State University. landon {at} lfowles.org)

Pyplant - Research for a discrete event simulator for plant growth in Python

pyplant is the tentative name for a project researching plant growth via a discrete event simulator, implemented in Python. At the start of this project, we are using SimPy to model the growth of a single plant. Once this is complete, we will model a garden plot. The eventual goal is to build a graphical garden game/simulation. This project was started by two undergraduate students: Matthew Harrison (Computer Science, University of Massachusetts Amherst. mobilemharrison {at} gmail) Landon Fowles

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Bootleg racer is an arcade 2d racing game. each players keeps his position at the top of the latter with other opponents by racing, sabatoge, and wrecking trucks. all for the fame of offraod redneck glory! this iPhone app has all the action any iphone gamer craves. runs on any iPhone 3Gs and greater. uses the REDNECK fowl language engine.

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Players group together, Advancing through an Environment, avoiding Obstacles, using Technique to Defeat Enemies and complete Challenges. The "Scurvy" Engine will feature Next-Gen graphic techniques, including HDR lighting, Depth of Field, Shader Model 3.0 or greater also including a 3D Level Editor and "Fowl" Scripting Language to create Custom Maps, Challenges, Obstacles, and Enemies. The Gameplay is Run and Gun Platformer with RPG battles. The project has been in progress 2 years. The game is

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Twitter client for Google Chrome