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FOW is a simple to use photo-album generating tool. One can add their own style sheets. The supplied style sheets should give an idea of what could be done.



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Fowdotnet - A simple photo album generator

FOW is a simple to use photo album generator. Generating the album is easy: Add your images Select a style Generate the album If you want, you can add album title, album description and title and description for each of the image. A detailed help file is provided with the application. Below is help text just for installation. InstallationUsing Setup filesLocate the folder in which the setup package is stored. Double-click FOWSetup.msi. When FOW InstallShield Wizard appears, click Next. In the 'S

Minimap XNA game component for TemporalWars Indie Game Engine

This Minimap XNA Component is designed to show unit movement, structures placed in the game world, and take direct orders (Windows Platform).

clone_test - Test repo to find out fow to change famili tree

Test repo to find out fow to change famili tree