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Call `FoursquareOAuth.getConnectIntent()` with your application's client id to retrieve an intent that starts the Foursquare app for authentication. If the user doesn't have the app installed, or has an incompatible version installed, an intent that opens the Foursquare app page on Google Play is returned (you can check for this case with `FoursquareOAuth.isPlayStoreIntent(intent)`). Then call the `startActivityForResult()` method with the retrieved intent.```javaIntent intent = FoursquareOAuth.getConnectIntent(context, CLIENT_ID);startActivityForResult(intent, REQUEST_CODE_FSQ_CONNECT);```When the authorization completes, the `onActivityResult()` method of your initiating `Activity` or `Fragment` will be triggered. Call `FoursquareOAuth.getAuthCodeFromResult()` with the resultCode and data intent to obtain an `AuthCodeResponse` object.```java@Overrideprotected void onActivityResult(int requestCode, int resultCode, Intent data) { switch (requestCode) { case REQUEST_CODE_FSQ_CONNECT: AuthCodeResponse codeResponse = FoursquareOAuth.getAuthCodeFromResult(resultCode, data); /* ... */ break; }}```The `AuthCodeResponse` object has two members:* `code` - The access code for the user.* `exception` - Exception of one of the following types: * `FoursquareCancelException` - User pressed the back button in the authorization screen. * `FoursquareDenyException` - User pressed the deny button in the authorization screen. * `FoursquareUnsupportedVersionException` - The version of the Foursquare app installed on the user's device is too old to support native auth. * `FoursquareInvalidRequestException` - Malformed connect request uri that the Foursquare app is not able to interpret, such as missing client id or version number. If you are using `FSOauth.getConnectIntent()` to start the oauth prcoess, you can ignore this exception as FSOauth creates the connect uri for you. * `FoursquareOAuthException` - An error occurred in the OAuth process. Call `FoursquareOAuthException.getErrorCode()` to obtain one of the error codes listed at



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