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This project is aimed at putting Open Source documentation, Software and avenues to local technical support in all public libraries. We aim develop an quot;adopt a libraryquot; program throughout the United States, if not globally. Our goal is to advocate,



Related Projects


tcllib is a Tcl-only library of standard routines for Tcl (no compiling required). This project also houses the CVS modules for BWidgets, tclbench, mclistbox, tclapps, and tklib. All of these are deprecated in favor of the fossil repositories found at the sites listed below. Bug reports to Follow c

Hominin - Hominin Project

Hominin is a project built on the Django framework. It functions to keep track of fossils related to human evolution and the surrounding literature that references these fossils.

Jurassic-fossil - GUI frontend for Fossil SCM

Jurassic is a GUI frontend for fossil SCM. Why should you use it? I eat my own dog food. Jurassic was built for my own needs, and it serves me well. I tried to make it as simple and easy as possible, in order to save time when managing my source code. Eye candy. I think that a good SCM should look as if it were made by Apple. Or Microsoft. Or both. Anyway, I made sure to add as much as unnecessary eyecandy as possible. Open source with a friendly license. You can view the source, modify it, and

Smop - Static Matlab & Octave to Python compiler

SMOP is a Static Matlab/Octave to Python compiler. SMOP aims to facilitate migration from Matlab to numeric Python by translating legacy Matlab programs to reasonably readable and efficient Python source code. As such, it is a part of a larger trend, which includes SAGE, Python(x,y) distribution, Spyder development environment, and other software. SMOP is written in Python, using Fossil for project management, Python Lex/Yacc for lexical analysis and parsing, and numpy for runtime environment. S

Fossil-grader - A web-based programming contest system

This is a precursor to cafe-grader. This project is not under active development any more. This google code site and the repository are mainly for maintenance. If you are interested in programming contest system, I suggest the new cafe-grader. Fossil-grader was used first in the national programming competition in 2005 when Turbo C was the official compiler. (Right! the one running in DOS mode.) The web application is written in PHP, while the graders are written in C. There are two versions of

Tclws - Use and provide Web Services from Tcl

Project has movedThe project has moved to and is now a Fossil repository. This site will be maintained as a historic archive. Web Services for TclSummaryThe distribution provides both client side access to Web Services and server side creation of Web Services. Currently only document/literal and rpc/encoded with HTTP Soap transport are supported on the client side. The server side currently works with several web servers(see below). It provides all services as document/

Hgwiki - An extension to Mercurial that exposes a Mercurial repository as a distributed wiki

Overviewhgwiki is an extension to mercurial that provides a new command: hg wiki. This command starts a web server that exposes the contents of your mercurial repository as a wiki -- a collection of web pages that can be edited in a browser. Statushgwiki is under active development, and I am currently following the "release early, release often" model, so there are bugs and it is not at all feature complete. Comments and patches are welcome! Distributed Wiki?Normal wikis are hosted on servers so

Wpi-cs4513-d10-filesystem - Distributed Filesystem

Serverless File Systems In this project, you should make a prototype2 implementation of a serverless file system. A serverless file system is a distributed file system in which the blocks of the files are scattered redundantly across multiple machines and accessed remotely, as in NFS. The Google File System is a serverless file system, as is the xFS file system developed by Anderson, et. al., at Berkeley. References can be found here:– Ghemawat, Sanjay, Gobioff, Howard, and Leung, Shun-Tak, â€