MSDN Forums Browser

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ForumsBrowser makes it easier for MSDN Forums participants to keep up-to-date on their favorite forums, and easily access the forums as well. This means you can close all the tabs on your browser and lose the bookmarks. It's developed in C# as a WPF application.



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Package This

Gui app for retrieving content from the MSDN content service and outputting it as a .chm or .hxs help file.

Sample Browser

Sample Browser is a one-stop shop of thousands of code samples from Microsoft and the community.

Reducing Coupling by Dynamic Loading of Assemblies

This proof of concept prototype is attached to an article that is published on the MSDN Architecture web site: [url:] ------------------------------------------ Summary: This article’s foundation is a previous article that...

MSDN Webcast 中文网络广播

MSDN Webcast 中文网络广播

Splitter Panel Ajaxian ASP.NET WebControl

The SplitterPanel WebControl looks and works like the splitter panel seen on the MSDN website.

Bingmapssilverlightapp - Stub application suggested by the MSDN article "Developing a Silverlig

This is a VS2010 solution that contains an empty Silverlight application, the hosting web app and service references to the VirtualEarth Geocode, Search, Imagery and Route services. See the article at: for further details

Msnadcenter - MSN adCenter PHP Library

An easy to use PHP SOAP client for MSN AdCenter.

MSDN Forums Client

A project to create a client based application to interface with the new MSDN Forums platform.

Sandcastle - Documentation Compiler for Managed Class Libraries

Sandcastle produces accurate, MSDN style, comprehensive documentation by reflecting over the source assemblies and optionally integrating XML Documentation Comments. Sandcastle has the following key features: * Works with or without authored comments * Supports Generics and .NET

Biztalk assembly version updater

*Biztalk buid helper * Biztalk buid helper is a command line tool . It increments the version numbers of all btproj's in the visual studio solution(2005). eg usage : c:>BiztalkBuildHelper.exe <solutionname.sln> <newversion>