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Yapf - Yet Another PHP Fortune

===================================================================== YAPF (Yet Another PHP Fortune)===================================================================== version: 0.0.4 license: New BSD license date: 4 sept 2011 Author: Michel Kern - Copyright (c) Introduction----------------------------------------------------------------- PHP v

Java-open-search-servlet - OpenSearch allows to publish search results in a format suitable for synd

IntroductionOpenSearch is a collection of technologies that allow to publish search results in a format suitable for syndication. It is a way for search engines to publish their search results in a standard and accessible format - taken from wikipedia for example: you have a site where you made custom search engine. all of your contents can be searched using your managed search engine. so you let your user browse your site and let them hit your content by searching through your web based search

Rutot - A plainly knitted irc-bot written in Ruby with a simple but powerful plugin system.

RutotAn Example Session074647 -ChanServ- [#ackro] For the next hour *we* will controll all you can see and hear!080040 <rutlov> Is this TERMINAL fun?083739 <entropie> ,source?083740 <rutlov> source [0] Mercurial repos available at <rutlov> [1] tarballs at <entropie> ,plugins084318 <rutlov> anagram, date, defaults, dict, fortune, google, gstats, hgwatch, imdb, insult, keywords, network, plugins, reload, ri, rtv, stats, theyfight

Buttonboard - A simple Python-based stand-alone web app for remote control from iPhone or browser

Intro NOTE 7/13/2011: Version 2.0 of Tornado breaks ButtonBoard. If you have it installed you will have to remove it and re-install 1.1 with: sudo easy_install -m tornado==2.0sudo easy_install tornado==1.1 UPDATE: Version 0.4.1 5/26/2011 minor fixes ButtonBoard is designed for remotely running scripts and commands on a media server Mac. It was developed and tested on a Mac (OS X 10.6), but there is no reason it shouldn't run on Linux or possibly a Windows machine (with some work!) It presents an

Fourchanviewer - 4chan Viewer/ thread archiver for android

This will be no simple scraper. support for - watching threads - locally archiving threads - suggesting threads to 4chan archive - downloading all images from a thread - watching a thread until it's death and downloading all images from the thread - posting - replying to specific posts - tripcode management - troll detection - automatic spam removal - sage - fortune

Socles - OpenCL image processing library for Java

A socle (sok-lee) is a plynth, or a foundation on which greater works are built. It non-coincidentally also contains the letter sequence 'ocl'. socles is a Java-hosted OpenCL processing library using JOCL as the binding mechanism. The goal is to produce a set of good implementations of basic image processing stages implemented in OpenCL, primarily targeting GPU processors. News25-5-12 Maybe a bit over-keen after a couple of wins elsewhere, I ported clsurf over to socles as well. I've checked in

Eve-tf2hud - Custom TF2 HUD

General information(04.05.2012) Version 2.22 has been released.Check out the changelog. I made this modification in a free time. Turned out people like it so I decided to release it for everyone. Would you kindly go to a screenshots page so I won't have to type a witty description here ? ;p Join the Steam Group for notifications on updates. Take a part in discussion on Steam Forums. If you feel generous, you can donate any amount to keep this project going. Remember, this modification is free an

Iphoneelite - iPhone Elite Development Team

This is the temporary home of the iPhone Elite development team's work. It was created after Zibri commandeered the first Elite wiki when he was booted from the combined teams. No contributionsOne of the founding principles of Elite from day one was "we don't accept money" (you can see that founding quote still below in the original "About us" paragraph). It was about fun, not profit. Zibri is now actively seeking contributions and uses sponsored ads on his blog. That's how far he's fallen from

Xalan-for-xslt2 - Implement XSLT 2 for Xalan

GSoC 2011 Project - Implement XSLT 2 for XalanApache Xalan-Java is a powful XSLT processor for XML transforming based on W3C recommendation XSL Transformations (XSLT) Version 1.0 and XML Path Language (XPath) Version 1.0, XSL Transformations (XSLT) Version 2.0 specification was published on 23 January 2007,this new version give us more powful functions, new dat model and serialization etc. In my daily work, i use XSLT and XPath to parse XML and change XML document to another format, i did this w

Mudita24 - improved envy24control: ALSA GTK+ GUI control tool for Envy24 (ice1712) soundcards

Mudita24 - Control Panel for Ice1712 Audio Cards Mudita24 is a modification of the Linux alsa-tools' envy24control(1): an application controlling the digital mixer, channel gains and other hardware settings for sound cards based on the VIA Ice1712 chipset aka Envy24. Unlike most ALSA mixer controls, this application displays a level meter for each input and output channel and maintains peak level indicators. This is based on Envy24's hardware peak metering feature. Mudita24 provides alternate na