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Fortune displays random text messages that are intended to be fun. It uses the original fortune-mod text database, but has a user-friendly interface. You can download versions for Dos, Windows, Linux and a Java-version for any OS.



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Fortunes for Windows

zxFortune is a Fortunes classs program for win32 with GUI and multiple fortune-files support, e-mail sign integration and taskbar locking to get/change the current fortune citation or email sign periodically. Now It's made in C# and needs .NET Framework


This is another distributor of quot;fortunequot; for windows. Developped for the command line on Command Prompt and for windows with GUI very easy to use. (Including the fortune-it pack and fortunes of the author)

Scrabblehelper - Determine the best score you can get on a scrabble board

This program lets you fill in a scrabble board (using a friendly GUI) and enter your rack's letters to find every possible move on the board. You can even use blanks, but I really wouldn't recommend it. It takes a long time. Fortunately, it sorts the words by score, so the highest scoring words are the first thing you see. I've called this current release 1.0, but that's just because I think it works OK. OK does not mean perfect. But if you have any issues, please do email me. I'm not sure which

Isy-panel - ISY Panel is a location-driven AJAX GUI system for ISY-99i home automation controller

ISY PanelISY Panel is a location-driven AJAX GUI system for ISY-99i home automation controller The idea behind this project is to create a fairly flexible and expandable, location-based GUI system for ISY-99i home automation controller to drive LCD touch panels, iOS / Android devices, etc., throughout the house. HARDWARE REQUIREMENTSISY-99i controller. Some INSTEON modules to control lights and devices. Networking module for ISY-99i (ISY Panel is hosted inside ISY-99i) Google Chrome browser supp

Buttonboard - A simple Python-based stand-alone web app for remote control from iPhone or browser

Intro NOTE 7/13/2011: Version 2.0 of Tornado breaks ButtonBoard. If you have it installed you will have to remove it and re-install 1.1 with: sudo easy_install -m tornado==2.0sudo easy_install tornado==1.1 UPDATE: Version 0.4.1 5/26/2011 minor fixes ButtonBoard is designed for remotely running scripts and commands on a media server Mac. It was developed and tested on a Mac (OS X 10.6), but there is no reason it shouldn't run on Linux or possibly a Windows machine (with some work!) It presents an

Uppercut - Conventional Automated Build for .NET

Project UppercuT"Professional builds in moments, not days!"UppercuT is a conventional automated build for .NET. UppercuT is the insanely easy to use build framework. Try it out right now!UppercuT now has a gem. This lowers the barrier to entry to start using it on a system. UppercuT is still .NET (it's just using gems for delivery as a new option in addition to source code and the downloads). Note: To use gems you must have Ruby 1.8.6+ and Gems 1.3.7+ installed. Open a command line and type gem


NSFortune is a GUI frontend to the BSD fortune program for Mac OS X. It is written in Objective-C using Apple's Cocoa frameworks. It provides a GUI for all of fortunes standard features like filtering by length, offensiveness, and searching.

Lqt - Automatic Lua bindings for Qt

Updated source is not here, read for detailsRecently, due to time constraints I have not done any work on lqt and the project stagnated for a while. Fortunately another developer (Michal Kottman) has taken interest in the project almost at the same time as I stopped. He is adding to lqt heavily, fixing many bugs and adding a lot of features. If you were interested in lqt you should use his version. I would not even call it a fork, as I already know that if I ever start to work again at lqt I wil

Googlegalwindowsclient - A portable Windows client to display information from multiple Google Calen

Google Calendar Client for Windows v2.1 Software by Mount White Technology Solutions. If you have a Google account, then you are probably familiar with the Calendar feature. It's basically an online calendar which allows you to add various tasks and events. Because it's online, the information added to the calendar can be accessed from anywhere. Still, there is a problem regarding the Google Calendar*, and that's the fact that all the tasks and events can only be viewed online and there is no po

Powerskin - WinCE平�GPS设备图形化管�工具[A GUI Management Tool for WinCE GPS device]

  首先我�说SystemInformation是一款�常强大的工具,用以WinCE平�设备建立一个触�外部程�和系统管�的图形化界�,特别是为那些WinCE平�的GPS设备。然而,它还是�够强大到该�所有功能如缺少与GPS相关的功能,无法带�数�动外部程�。这也是我�动该项目的�衷。   �过,最�我因为微软开�套件的巨大身�陷入困境,好在��我找到了Lazarus和SDL的组�,这使得