Open Fortran Project

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The Open Fortran Project (OFP) provides a Fortran 2008 compliant parser and associated tools. These tools provide a Java and C API for actions called when parser rules are completed. It also provides Fortran interfaces to the OpenCL runtime (new).



Related Projects

Fortran-namelist - Fortran Namelist parser for Python prog/scripts

A very small library to parse a Fortran Namelist into a python class (dictionary derived). Fortran namelist are a very handy feature to set options in Fortran programs. The problem in their use is they cannot be validated directly into Fortran. A invalid Fortran namelist often cause a crash without any explicit error message and there are no way to catch this crash to resume/continue. Therefore a Python script running beforehand can parse the Fortran namelist file and do operations on it using t

Xyzsolve - Pure python non-linear equation solver

This projects implements a simple python-based equation solver for small non-linear problems (<50-100 equations). The code also includes a simple lexer-parser system that can accept a simple description of the equations as naturally formulated. The equation solver is python translation of a Fortran-based modified Powell algorithm for non-linear root finding. A slight modifications allows for hard min-max bounds on all the variables. You may see a demo of this program running on the Google App En

Yaxx - YACC eXtension to XML

XML stands for eXensible Markup Language. YAXX is an XML extension to YACC, which stands for 'Yet Another Compiler-Compiler'. This extension allows a program in a YACC grammar (LALR) to be automatically converted into an XML document that encodes the syntax tree of the program. Moreover, the generated XML document can be validated by a generated DTD (Document Type Description) document. The resulting syntax tree in XML can also be transformed back into the original program through a very simple


This project aims at providing a parser for fortran source code. Output is in XML format. The parser is based on the g95 parser. Additionnal tools in Perl are provided: Fortran source browser; pseudo-compiler environment.


This compact function parser module written in Fortran95 is intended for applications where a set of Fortran-style mathematical expressions is specified at runtime and is then evaluated for a large number of variable values.

Pdb-tools - A set of tools for manipulating and doing calculations on wwPDB macromolecule structure

Introductionpdb-tools is a set of command line python scripts that manipulate wwPDB macromolecule structure files. There are many programs, both open source and proprietary, that perform similar tasks; however, most of these tools are buried within programs of larger functionality. Thus, relatively simple calculations often involve learning a new program, compiling modules, and installing libraries. To fill a niche (and get the tasks done that I needed done), I started writing my own toolset. Th

Doxygenxmlparser - Managed wrapper for doxygen xml documentation

This project is a wrapper over the xml parser provided together with doxygen. Optional doxygen can output the documentation into xml format allowing other tools to analyze the output. This can be useful for code metrics, special documentation, intelligence tools etc. Doxygen parser is written into C++ but it may be usefull to be used from C# applications (without changing the parser concept). The wrapper is accomplishing this by having doxygen code together with managed C++ in order to create an

Apache-rat-pd - RAT Plagiarism Detector

Apache RAT plagiarism detectorWhat is it?Apache RAT plagiarism detector is command-line tool for searching the code base for possibly plagiarized code using web code search engines. Shortly - it checks if source code is cut&pasted from somewhere by searching on Google code search, Koders code search.... Tool is still unfinished with very basic usability..... This simple tool is based on this idea: More information can be found on: http:

Bloop - A compiler for BlooP/FlooP as described in Gödel, Escher, Bach

This is a simple compiler written by Jaap Weel for a programming project class at Caltech. It compiles the BlooP/FlooP programming language from Douglas Hofstadter's book Gödel, Escher, Bach. (BlooP and FlooP are different in only one feature. We expect to support GlooP any day now.) The compiler is implemented in Haskell, and explores several ideas that I was interested in at the time, including generic programming, parser combinators, literate programming, and most of all, human-readable comp

fap - Fortran Automated Parser

Fortran Automated Parser