Maven plugin for Fortify software

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To run fortify scan using fortify software, we are using apache-ant till now . There is no maven plugin for fortify. So i wrote a maven plugin which will do all tasks similar to ant such as fortify parse,scan and clean etc.



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Fprexd-1 - This is a Fortify FPR to Appscan EXD converter.

This command accepts a Fortify FPR file and outputs an Appscan EXD . ruby fpr_exd source_file.fpr or fpr_exd source_file.fpr ( for gem versions)

Defence - Tower Defence style game based on Red Haze's 'Defense'

A game based on Red Haze's 'Defense'. Fortify locations with strategically chosen defences, then command them against an incoming hoard of enemies.

minset is a fork of lcov-1.7 that adds differential code coverage features (add, subtract, and compa

Base lcov functionality was left unchanged, with major additions to the lcov and genhtml scripts. rats ( is required to be in your $PATH if you want to use rats integration features. You can add, subtract, and compare code coverage reports based on statement coverage or sinks (as reported by rats). lcov has been modified to do minimum test set analysis ("minset") on a set of .info files, which can be based on either statement coverage or sinks.

Fortify-jira-plugin - Bugtracker plugin for fortify

This fortify ( plugin enables support for jira ( To install, just copy the bugtracker-jira.jar into your existing Fortify installation under the path Core/lib. Now you can select the new Bugtracker

Erlywog - A weblog application made in erlyweb, with ajax/xhr based magic models.

WARNING: Dead project! ALSO, THE FRAMEWORK IS DEAD. That's what you get from really bad documentation. A dead framework. Nice try, try harder erlangers! Skip this please and use Django. IntroThis project is consists of two parts: first part is the blog application, the second part is the magic model system fortified with xhr/ajax goodness using jquery. The weblog application is actually supposed to play second fiddle to the ajax/xhr-based magic models. Being the great procrastinator that I am, I

Smartphonesdumbapps - Tools from Denim Group for analyzing the security of smartphone applications

Code from Denim Group to help security analysts analyze the security of smartphone applications. There are scripts to analyze Android and iPhone applications as well as to run Fortify SCA scans on Android Java application source code.

Rough-auditing-tool-for-security - Rough Auditing Tool for Security (RATS)

This is RATS, a rough auditing tool for security, originally developed by Secure Software Inc. It is a tool for scanning C, C++, Perl, PHP, Python (and soon Ruby) source code and flagging common security related programming errors such as buffer overflows and TOCTOU (Time Of Check, Time Of Use) race conditions. As its name implies, the tool performs only a rough analysis of source code. It will not find every error and will also find things that are not errors. Manual inspection of your code is

Trojan - Trojan: TC Mod for Half Life 2 using Orange Box engine.

Back-story: 2013...The apocalypse starts now. An Alien Spaceship crash lands in the middle of South Yorkshire (England), the Government moves it to a local research facility to find out its origins and hopefully recover some of its technology. The ship, now in a high security storage area activates, unleashing an army of mechanical beings, which then go on a rampage and destroy everything in their path. Jordan Cain, some mechanic from a nearby garage is working when the robots attack, needing to

fort - Because you can fortify it later

Because you can fortify it later

fortify360-plugin - Integrates Fortify 360 Vulnerability Detection in to Hudson

Integrates Fortify 360 Vulnerability Detection in to Hudson