ForNix - For *Nix Users

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ForNix is a documentation and help page with tips and tricks for users and developers. It will be devoted to Linux and other *NIX. P.S.: quot;fornixquot; is also an important brain structure involved on learning and memory.



Related Projects

Pyne - PyneTools, tools to help system admins and built upon the Python Programming Language.

Pyne is the name of the project to create tools to make system administrators jobs easy. The system of tools is PyneTools. The first PyneTool was PyneCone, an iso builder for Debian and Ubuntu systems, either for easy backup or distribution. PyneCone should be easily extended to work with other distributions. (inactive at this time) More tools will come along as the project matures. (these are in alpha stages) axcent: a tool I use to integrate maven with projects at work. fornix: a tool to wrap