Formulator MathML Editor

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Formulator MathML Editor is a mathematical expressions editor of Presentation and Content MathML. Formulator makes it simple to develop software, keenly aware of the mathematical typesetting and semantics rules, and able to calculate simple formulas.



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Wielo - py4math

py4mathpy4math (voorheen WIelo) is een systeem om wiskunde mee te oefenen. Op dit moment is py4math: Het spijkerbord in ontwikkeling op deze website. De huidige versie is 0.3. Changelog0.3 (27-02-2008) Wat kleine foutjes verbeterd. Legenda duidelijker gemaakt. Twee nieuwe opgaven: Lengte lijnstukken II en Speciale driehoeken. Nieuwe XML-tag: <legendinfo>. Kan extra info in legenda weergeven. Wordt nu gebruikt voor de hoeken aan te geven voor de Speciale driehoeken. 0.2 (25-02-2008) (nog even wat

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This projects implements a simple python-based equation solver for small non-linear problems (<50-100 equations). The code also includes a simple lexer-parser system that can accept a simple description of the equations as naturally formulated. The equation solver is python translation of a Fortran-based modified Powell algorithm for non-linear root finding. A slight modifications allows for hard min-max bounds on all the variables. You may see a demo of this program running on the Google App En

Formulator-mathml - Presentation and Content MathML Editor (in visual WYSIWYG style)

Formulator MathML Editor is a mathematical expressions editor by Hermitech ( Formulator is aware of presentation and content (semantics) face of MathML, and so it allows not only to visually edit, but also to calculate simple Content MathML formulas. Formulator makes it simple to develop new software products, keenly aware of the mathematical typesetting and semantics rules. This helps to dramatically accelerates application development in computer-aided education, comput

Vspd - Vectorised Scheduling Pricing and Dispatch

Vectorised Schedule, Pricing and Dispatch (vSPD) is a version of the Schedule, Pricing and Dispatch (SPD) market clearing engine used in the New Zealand electricity market. It is developed using the General Algebraic Modelling System (GAMS) and is based on the SPD formulation. vSPD takes advantage of the computational efficiency of some current LP solvers through vectorisation of some schedule solves. This vectorisation involves reformulating the sequential trading period problems as a single op

Rima - Dragging math modelling syntax into the early 90&#39;s. RIMA HAS MOVED TO GITHUB

Rima: A Tool for Math ModellingRima has moved to github Rima is a tool for formulating and solving mathematical modelling and optimization problems. Rima's primary design goal is that models should be easy to re-use. Rima allows you to build models flexibly and interact with your data freely, allowing you to focus on the problem at hand and obtain solutions more quickly. In a hurry? Have a look at a Rima model. If you: wish your modelling language had stronger support for general programming fea

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IBAMRWhat Is IBAMR?IBAMR is a distributed-memory parallel implementation of the immersed boundary (IB) method with support for Cartesian grid adaptive mesh refinement (AMR). Support for distributed-memory parallelism is via MPI, the Message Passing Interface. Support for spatial adaptivity is via SAMRAI, the Structured Adaptive Mesh Refinement Application Infrastructure, which is developed at the Center for Applied Scientific Computing at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. This implementati

Quartic-root-solver - Calculateur de racine quartique

Enter the coefficients for the aX4+bX3+cX^2+dX+e=0 equation and the solver will output the solutions x1, x2 ,x3, x4. Équation polynomiale Une équation polynomiale est une équation de la forme : aX4+bX3+cX^2+dX+e=0 où les , appelés coefficients de l’équation, sont donnés. Les coefficients sont le plus souvent des nombres réels ou complexes, mais ils peuvent prendre leurs valeurs dans n’importe quel anneau. En mathématiques, l'équation polynomiale, est le sujet central de la théorie

Formulate - Making life easier while writing complex math formulas, take a breath

Making life easier while writing complex math formulas, take a breath

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