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Form-oriented API for web applications based on TYPO3 CMS ( )



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node-formidable - A node.js module for parsing form data, especially file uploads.

A node.js module for parsing form data, especially file uploads.

Echo3ext20 - Echo3 bindings for the Ext2.x javascript component set

The goal of this project is to provide a set of bindings to allow the formidable Ext 2.0 component set to be used under the equally formidable Echo3 client/server framework. StatusA lot is working, and the software is now being used in anger in a major application. You can see which components are implemented on the component status page (link on the right). DemoCheck out the source, and type 'ant war' on the command line. The demo is not well organised, but does show most of the features. News


Form validation and feedback library for Android. Provides .setText for more than just TextView and EditText widgets. Provides easy means to validate with dependencies.

Jobeetmsg - jobeet

Introduction Le framework symfony est un projet Open-Source depuis plus de 3 ans. Il est devenu l'un des plus populaire framework PHP grâce à ses fonctionnalités et sa bonne documentation. Cette grande tradition à commencer dès le début. En Décembre 2005, après la première version officielle de symfony, nous avons publié "le tutorial Askeet", une série de 24 tutoriels publiés jour par jour entre le 1er Décembre et Noël. Ce tutoriel a prouvé qu'il était un formidable outil pour pr

Rich-mail-merge - Google Apps : The world's first HTML Merging Script ! Le 1er Script de fusion

The world's first Google Apps HTML Merging Script ! This script allow you to send HTML emails from your Google Apps account. It merge a Google Sites page with a Google spreadsheet. Your Google Apps become a terrific productivity tool ! Read more on You want to contribute ? contribution Le premier script de fusion HTML Google Apps au monde ! Ce script vous permet d'envoyer des emails HTML depuis votre compte Google Apps. Il fusionne une page Google Sites

Android-shuffle - A GTD personal organizer for the Android platform

1st April 2012: Shuffle v2.0.1 is now available for free from Google Play. (see ReleaseNotes) IntroductionThanks for checking out Shuffle, a personal organizational tool, styled around the Getting Things Done methodology. Shuffle is a dumping ground for ideas and tasks. It lets you rapidly create and organize your actions, relieving you of the stress of trying to remember everything you need to get done. Since Shuffle is a mobile application, you will have it with you where ever you are. You can

Coryphaeus - Coryphæus is a dealer support program for the game of Dixonary

The Game of DixonaryDixonary is an online version of the parlour game otherwise called Balderdash! or Fictionary. This game began in the Tapcis forum on CompuServe in 1989. It is still going strong, and is now to be found on Google Groups, where its couple of dozen formidably well-read, clever and witty players are always happy to welcome kindred spirits. (But you will have to apply to join.) CoryphæusDealing a round of Dixonary isn't hard to do manually, but there is a lot of tedious admin. Th

Ajaxformsplugin - An AJAX form plugin to DOMAssistant

DOMAssistantAJAXFormsAJAXForms is a plugin to DOMAssistant, and offers the possibility to submit forms dynamically through AJAX without posting the entire page. Usage:Use DOMAssistant in your web page. Then include the DOMAssistantAJAXForms plugin. There are two ways of adding AJAX form functionality to a form: Approach 1:Add the class "ajax-form" to any form you would like to be submitted via AJAX. For example: <form action="some-url.php" class="ajax-form">. Approach 2:Use a JavaScript call to

Tapestry-validator - Tapestry Validator

Goal and current statusGoal of project is support other validation frameworks(hibernate-validator, JSR-303) in tapestry 5. Currently supports hibernate-validator 3.x project. Hibernate validator supportAllows you to use hibernate validator annotations for validation in tapestry web layer. Support includes Validation for annotated property of bean, which is binding with a form field(t:textfield, t:textarea, etc...) on client(with javascript) and server side. Validation for annotated properties of

Jbuilt - A fluent, embedded DSL for describing web user interfaces with Java code

Web UI code should be easy to define and refactor, while visually representing it's tree structure The Jbuilt project addresses the challenges of defining user interfaces and building custom components entirely with java code, for quickly building web applicaton user interfaces. Through the magic of var args, dependency injection, annotations, function objects, and a slick method call syntax, developers can write UI code in Java that is strikingly similar to html, combining the terseness of decl