FormEncode for Python

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Validation and form generation package (primarily HTML/HTTP forms) for Python



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Validino - a Python validation library

Validino is a small Python validation library, particularly useful for validating and converting input data in web applications. Validino owes much to Ian Bicking's FormEncode in spirit and purpose, except that it eschews the declarative style used there in favor of a functional one. If you are someone who doesn't like declarative mini-languages, then you might like Validino. Otherwise, use FormEncode.

Mymoney - Microsoft Money clone software which permit to manage bank account and relative bank opera

myMoney is an Open Source Web Application that enables you to manage bank transactions like Microsoft Money.This Web Application is based on the following technologies: - cherrypy: - Google AppEngine: - jinja2: - formencode:

invigilator is a system, server, process, whatever monitor

This software provides a easy and lightweight monitoring solution. It currently relies upon the following python libraries: cherrypy formencode genshi Additionally, plugins may call external applications for functionality (ie nut's upsc for UPS monitoring). This app runs using cherrypy's built in web server and uses sqlite for a DB. This may be modifiable in the future to allow for other DB backends. The script to start this is included and called: . It creates / looks for t

Gralha - Validadores para informações do Brasil

O projeto "Gralha" busca criar um conjunto de validadores baseados no FormEncode que permitem a validação e a conversão de valores originados em formulários web e destinados para esses formulários. As conversões são bidirecionais, ou seja, os dados lidos a partir da interface são convertidos automaticamente para os valores esperados pelo Python. Valores originados em seu código Python serão automaticamente convertidos para strings que poderão ser exibidas na tela na formatação adequ

Pails-admin - A RESTful CRUD scaffold generator for Pylons

Not Quite Ready Yet!A utility script on Pylons that will generate operational RESTful CRUD scaffolds according to data table definitions. Features:RESTful Support relations between data tables Ajaxified To do:Pagination More friendly setup and integration with Pylons Data table definitions directly from data models like that of Elixir Authentication Decomposing modules Integration with data validations like FormEncode What it's like in action?put in the scripts into project tree define your tabl

Sookti - A `Thought for the day` application

A pedagogical application written using Pylons, SQLAlchemy, Elixir to act as a tutorial for the pylons framework. Study the code to understand "HOWTO" do x,y,z using Pylons. Concepts implemented in this project: Alternate template usage - ses Mako Use of Elixir declarative mapping. Use of Authkit user authentication module Restrict access to parts of application using Authkit Login/logout screens REST decorators for actions Many instances of SQLAlchemy queries Many to many relations implemented

Firewall-admin - Transparent Linux Content Filter

Web content filter that uses iptables to block both http and https requests. Note that this project is not being actively developed, so use at your own risk. It has been successfully used in a school district with hundreds of computers. It worked beautifully there, but your mileage may vary. Anyone interested in actively maintaining this project please don't hesitate to contact the project administrators. FeaturesSimple to install: put your dedicated firewall computer between your router and LAN

Py-formtags - python library to generate forms and validate them using formencode and sqlalchemy

Combines formencode and sqlalchemy to quickly generate forms. Example (controller) class Controller(BaseController): def create(self): instance = model.MyObject() # Create a formtags instance and pass the sqlalchemy orm object and # the formencode schema as arguments c.formtags = formtags.FormTags(instance, schema.MyObjectSchema) # For select elements or radio buttons we can bind the options # in the controller c.formtags.bind_options('job_id', itertools.chain([(0, '')], ((, job.label) for


an implementation of the classic pylons formencode validation, for pyramid


Git mirror of the Python validation project FormEncode for use as a submodule.