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form4db generates HTML-Forms automatically based on given SQL-Tables. It detects relationships between tables and comes with a small list-module. Prerequsite: (Apache)-web-server installed with PHP and PEAR MDB.



Related Projects


ScriptifyDB is a Windows Forms utility designed for developers and dbadmins to generate database creation scripts for a growing number of databases. It's developed in .NET 4.0.

Db4o-groovy - groovy integration support for db4o

This project provides utilities for groovy to access db4o databases. Features provided in V0.1 Db4oBuilder: a groovy based DSL for accessing db4o database Db4oGroovyShell and Db4oQueryGroovyShell: db4o aware extensions of the groovy shell Db4oBuilder is supposed to be used by groovy based scripts or programs to access db4o database. It builds on the builder concept of groovy to provide a DSL. Although the db4o provides a very simple API, the Db4oBuilder provides an alternative way of access in G

Sql4d - SQL to query to various distributed data management systems.

SQL4D provides SQL interface to query to various DDMS(Distributed Data Management System) such as CouchDB, Cassandra and HBase. SQL4D can be split into three parts. SQL syntax analyzer : SQL syntax analyzer analyzes SQL from users and converts it to an appropriate form. Mediator between SQL and DDMS : Mediator interacts with DDMS by given SQL. JDBC driver for SQL4D. Firstly, we will provide three major DDMSs. CouchDB Cassandra HBase

Pclib - PHP library including templates, data grids, form management and more

What is it?Open source library for PHP 4 and PHP 5 Includes: template system, managing forms, data grids, authentication, database wrapper and more... Consist from independent modules. No problem use only templates or only authenticate module... Priorities of this project are to-be user friendly and simplify most common tasks Useful for company web-presentations, web-shops, intranet www-applications etc. It's free for any (commercial or non-commercial) applications (LGPL licence) The core of lib

M4php5 - open-source PHP5 MVC framework

What's this ?WARNING : here is a draft ONLY ... For now this is just a draft for a PHP5 framework based on some PEAR packages that I've been using it for a while. Is currently used in several real-life projects. Current features areModule and Dispatcher classes that provide a controller mechanism PHP based Template engine which provides the view layer (called here "Mtpl") The Model layer is based upon PEAR::DB_DataObject above which is added a plugin mechanism. The new classes extend current PEA

Gwt-simple-persistence - Simple persistence layer for GWT1.4

Simple persistence layer for GWT1.4 using BeanUtils, Guice and Berkeley DB Java Edition. Requires Java5. GWT, Guice, Persistence - together at last! GWT is a brilliant, time-saving technology, but most developers using it quickly hit a massive brick wall: persistence. Modern persistence technologies rely on Java5+ language additions such as generics and annotations, and GWT's java->javascript compiler is only Java 1.4 compatible. So what to do? I've scoured the web and seen many solutions, most

Scouchdb - Scala CouchDB client

scouchdb has moved to Github : is the latest here. There have been some incompatible changes in 0.5, which is hosted on Githubscouchdb : Persisting Scala Objects in CouchDBscouchdb offers a Scala interface to using CouchDB. Scala offers objects and classes as the natural way to abstract entities, while CouchDB stores artifacts as JSON documents. scouchdb makes it easy to use the object interface of Scala for persistence and management of Scal

Restian - RESTian is a REST Framework and Service Interface Schema for RESTful Web Services

RESTianThe goal of the RESTian project is multi-faceted and influenced by the immortal words of Alan Kay "We aim to make simple things simple and complex things possible." Its first goal will be to create a Framework for building RESTful Web Services and its latter goal will be to define a Service Interface Schema for RESTful Web Services. Initial ImplementationThe initial implementation languages are JavaScript for the client and PHP v4 on MySQL for the server. The initial target platform for t

Fast-translate - This Project allows you to translate to any language

This Project allows you to translate any text from any language to any language Fast-Translation<?php// +----------------------------------------------------------------------+// | Project Name: Fast Translate |// +----------------------------------------------------------------------+// | |// | Copyright (C) 2001,2002 R.P.J. Velzeboer, The Netherlands |// | |// | This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or |// | modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License |// |

Www-app - A web app for workshop organizing, recruitment and qualification

IntroductionA web app for the coordination of "WWW" Interdisciplinary Summer Workshops (the name comes from the Polish acronym: Wakacyjne Warsztaty Wielodyscyplinarne). From accepting proposals from lecturers, to qualification task writing, solving and grading, to various forms for information needed from participants to run our yearly event. InstallationCheck you have PHP>=5.2, PostgreSQL>=9 (modifying the driver to support another DBMS should be easy, but I fear many SELECTs may assume postgre