Forgotten Destruction

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Forgotten Destruction is a free real-time strategy game developed using the Simple DirectMedia Layer. It focuses on the conflict between an evil shadowy empire and human race with their nearby allies.



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Forgotten-flame - Forgotten Flame is an RPG about trying to find the forgotten flame and bring to th

Forgotten Flame is an RPG about trying to find the forgotten flame and bring to the realm of Jakuma. This is a turn based RPG. If you want to join the team email me at

Agave - Community Portal in Python.... django

agave will be a used to drive it is intended to fullfill of the long forgotten notion of Community Portal.

Gawdi - a website where people can define, view, and search slangs

Let's not the slangs be forgotten...If you want to check in something, let each other know...

Madaac - Mad[Automatic Account Creator]

MadAAC is an automatic account creator for OTServ engine TheForgottenServer. Written in PHP, using MySQL, PGSQL and SQLite as database, released under GNU Affero GPL v3.

Scrawny-sumos - Smallish Python Game about sumos wrestling it out

Scrawny Sumos is a smallish Python Game with stick-figure sumo wrestling. It's based on a decades-old game whose name I've forgotten. (If you recognize it, please tell.)

Avenzano-incubator - Projects related to testing different Java related technologies

Anyone tempted with any new (or not) framework goes by the same path: create some project, import the libraries and play a little. The project then goes forgotten on some old workspace until is's deleted. My idea is basically to put all that experiments on this public repo and give some make up to them so it may be used by others as a starting point.

Thingamajigs - Pieces and Parts to Create a Ruby Application

thing·a·ma·jig [thing-uh-muh-jig] noun - a gadget or other thing for which the speaker does not know or has forgotten the name. In this case, the gadgets and other things needed to create a Ruby or Ruby on Rails application. These thingamajigs can be used independently to supplement your application, or together to form a basic framework for a Ruby on Rails web application.

Forgotten-procs - It's just a peace of code destinated for who have to work with stored procedur

It's just a peace of code destinated for who have to work with stored procedures and the JPA DOESN'T have something to help these poor souls.

Access-user-class - Easy to use PHP class to protect pages and register new users

Access_user Class is an easy to use system for protecting pages and register users. They main features are: User-login, user registration, user update, remember login information, page protection, forgotten password recovery, mail based account activation and multi language message reporting and since the latest versions: maintain extra user profile information, access levels, a limited (safe) admin panel, manual account activation and an improved password check. The class is powered by MySQL an

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