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Foremost is a linux tool for conducting forensic examinations. Although intended for law enforcement purposes, it may be useful to other members of the community. Foremost reads through a file, such as a dd image file or a disk partition and extracts file



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Scrummer - Groovy & Swing-based Scrum Board

SummaryA Scrum story and task board built using Groovy and Swing PurposeMy purpose in building this project is first and foremost to learn about TDD with Groovy and using groovy builders. The software itself aims to be a light-weight swing based scrum board that can track stories and tasks.

Nu-simulator - A Java framework that simulates concurrent scenarios sequentially in simulation units

This framework serves two distinct purposes. First and foremost, it can be used to simulate a concurrent model by sequentially executing processes until a certain time boundary is reached (or the program terminates). This can be particularly useful for scenarios where one is attempting to find the steady state probability of a certain scenario. The second purpose of the program is to enable easy generation of graphs utilizing Graphviz. The statistics library that is integrated with the framework

Jhulk - Space Hulk 2nd edition total conversion

A total conversion of the Games Workshop Space Hulk game. It will follow second edition rules. First and foremost this is intended as a learning experience. It will be built on Java and utilize open source libraries and tools. Lightweight Java Game Library Slick 2D game library TileD tile-based game editor

V8r - V8R: V8 powered JavaScript

V8RV8R is an open-source project which maintains an application by the same name whose foremost goal is to develop a new JavaScript programming environment reliant on Google's V8 JavaScript engine. The project as a whole can be contacted via NEWS- 2009-03-24 - V8R version 1 development begins The goals for this version include: Creating sufficiently minimal application capable of collecting, compiling and executing JavaScript as V8RScript files Development of a mechanism for

Objective-hypergraph - Objective-C implementation of a data structure for hyper-graphs

Objective-C lacks some basic data structure representations that other languages do have, among them graphs (and its derivatives). For this reason, this project aims at creating an abstract representation of not just graphs but their foremost abstraction, that is, hyper-graphs, based on the great implementation in Java achieved in this other project The goal is to provide a simple API for everyone to use in their Cocoa/CocoaTouch projects when creating/managing (la

Coymon - CoyoteMonitoring: Your Monitoring Framework

The original focus of CoyoteMonitoring was striaght-forward and driven entirely by user-need: it was a tool for network administrators and WAN managers; for those who advise CTOs on network utilization and circuit provisioning. The data that CoyMon provided not only helped skilled engineers troubleshoot large-scale network issues, it also helped organizations save money and time. This was accomplished through simplicity: provide network utilization data in a graphical format that is easy to inte

Kb-dream-lib - Magic php library as extension for the Zend framework

A bunch of php classes that are an addition to the Zend-Framework. Inspired by Ted Nelsons visionary "Computer Lib / Dream Machines", I've called this project 'kb-dream-lib'. In this fashion the 'lib' part of the name does not only refer to 'library' (as a collection of php classes), but as well to 'liberation': It's a dream library because the idea for this project is currently for the biggest part based on my virtual thoughts (in a Deleuzian sense). / It's a dream liberation because of the per

Python-webapi - A model layer for HTTP/HTTPS

Python WebApiA high level wrapper for Python's urllib. >>>"Carmen Sandiego")Download WebApi Web Services as Intelligent DatabasesThis project serves two purposes. It is first and foremost a tool that developers can use to speed up web application development. With WebApi, you can query data from different web services just like you query data from different tables in a database. This "normalization" of web services into object instances of common types is, I believe, a step towa

Sternons - Diverse astronomy tools

Link to the sternons blog. Started 2010, August 3, 16:22. Sternons(Gothic staírnons ��������� = stars) PurposeThis is intended to be a collection of loosely related amateur astronomers tools, interconnected not necessarily with nice GUIs, but foremost by task related documentation that enables the user to use the tools to her/his own liking. The tools are intended to ease amateur observation preparations such as printing out relevant star maps, but they also presume a