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This project aims to create a generic engine and persistence store for modeling operations.



Related Projects


[ Project development moved to: ] This program will convert xmcd compatible CD descriptor files (from into .cue sheet files, so that you can use it with the mp3cue plugin for WinAmp, or with the excellent Foobar2000 player to see which song is played from a one-file CD rip.

Brm Bluetooth Remote

Control your Windows PC from a Java ME enabled cell phone. Both server (the PC part) and the client (on your phone) are lightweight and powerful. Currently supported: Powerpoint, iTunes, Winamp, Foobar, other media players and remote keyboard + mouse


Current Track plugin will update your Gaim/Pidgin user info, available message or away message, and buddy icon from iTunes, Winamp, RealPlayer, WMP, Musicmatch, MediaMonkey, XMPlay, Yahoo! amp; Foobar2000 in Windows and XMMS, Rhythmbox, amp; Amarok in Linux.

Lyricsgrabber - foo_lyricsgrabber: Grab lyrics for foobar2000

foo_lyricsgrabber is an easy-to-use component for downloading lyrics for foobar2000

Bt-daljinc - Remote control for Winamp, Foobar2000, PowerPoint, Media Player Classic

Program for remote controling Winamp, Foobar2000, PowerPoint, Media Player Classic using j2me enableb mobile phone. Control on program side is done using lirc server and appropiate lirc client.

Limpa2k - A neat little foobar2000 lookalike!

This is a neat little music player written in c++, qt and fmod. Limpa2k is a acronym for LI ttle M usic P l A yer 2000. And by the way: It looks alot like the lovely little music player for Windows - called foobar2000. EDIT: Source code is on it's way, need to comment a bunch of stuff before release.

Hghooklib - A library of Python based hook scripts for Mercurial VCS

The goal of this project is to collect Python based Mercurial hooks. Please have a look at the ProjectOverview for more details. Please ContributeAny contributions are welcome! So if you've got a new hook which might be useful to others it would be great if you shared it with us. In order to get included into this project, please make sure: Your hook integrates nicely into this project. If your hook is called foobar it should be "callable" like this: python:hghooklib.foobar.hook. A corresponding

Php-preparser - Php preparser

Allows array dereferencing (like foo()['bar']) in PHP. Uses php tokenizer so it isn't going to be slow. And, of cource, caches. Array Dereferencing RFC was declined :( We'd like to hear any other proposes of any other improvements to PHP parser!