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A skinnable graphical user interface plugin for foobar2000 audio player.



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Zen-php - easy and fast HTML block builder

Easy and fast HTML Block BuilderInspired By Zen-Coding. With a little bit modifications on original css selectors, ZenPHP provides a powerful HTML block generator to speed up your PHP generated HTML. ZenPHP help you to create HTML blocks with CSS-like selectors. HTML blocks are made using css syntax like div>p or div#main>h1.title. This generates: <div> <p></p></div>and <div id="main"> <h1 class="title"></h1></div>respectively. UsageBasic<?phprequire_once('ZenPHP.php');echo ZenPHP::expand('div>p

Fluent-selenium - A Fluent API for Selenium 2.0

This small library adds a fluent API for Selenium 2.0 (WebDriver). These type of things are"@title = 'section'")).click();input(id("search_query")).sendKeys("hello").submit();links(className("listing-thumb").filter(myMatcher("foo")).click() // myMatcher is a static helper method making a 'FluentMatcher' in the predicate style. // will click all that matchlinks(className("listing-thumb").first(myMatcher("foo")).click() // like before, but the first matching elem onlybuttons

Wikitous - The Javascript Micro Wiki Engine

wikitous is a micro wiki engine that is open source. A micro wiki engine allows to wikify just an HTML <div> as follows: <div class="wikitous"></div><script src=""></script>You can wikify several different div in a single page: <h1>Foo</h1><div class="wikitous" title="/a/unique/prefix/foo"></div><h1>Bar</h1><div class="wikitous" title="/a/unique/prefix/bar"></div><script src=""></script>You can even wikify existing con

Phpreboot - A reboot of PHP: keep the philosophy, improve the syntax

I've written that language to make you awesome. -- the author PHP.reboot is a reboot of PHP, each Hollywood movie has its own reboot, why not doing the same for one of the most popular programming language. The aim is to keep the philosophy of PHP but adapt it to be more in sync with the Web of 2010. Quick links: Mailing list Download Highlights: less $, less ';' like in javascript secure by default: no eval, no magic quotes/string interpolation full unicode support no from/to string auto-conver

Php-alternative-syntax - An alternative syntax for PHP 5.3 inspired by scala.

This was just an experiment. I've started a more serious project at This is an experiment to try to make an alternative PHP syntax that is prettier and more consistent. This is not meant as a serious replacement but mostly for fun and for me to learn about language parsing and the internals of PHP. But if you want to join you are more than welcome! This is achieved by altering the files that lexes(1) and parses(2) the raw PHP code before it is converted to opc

Jquery-websocket - Web Sockets plugin for jQuery.

This plug-in is used to send and receive the JSON object directly with Web Sockets API. UsageConnectionvar ws = $.websocket("ws://");Sending Messagews.send('hello'); // sending message is '{type:'hello'}'.ws.send('say', {name:'foo', text:'baa'}); // sending message is '{type:'say', data:{name:'foo', text:'baa'}}'Event Handlingvar ws = $.websocket("ws://", {\topen: function() { ... },\tclose: function() { ... },\tevents: {\t\tsay: function(e) {\t\t\talert(

Protobatser - quickndirty web prototyping for developers

Programmer's alternative to prototyping tools like Aczure. With one single htmlfile you can make a multipage layout to show your clients. Really handy for brainstorm sessions about a new website. It helps people's imagination of a website, and prevents overspecification/overdocumentating. WhyBecause in some cases jamming simple HTML/CSS can be quicker for developers, especially: with usage of zencoding when a developer does not need a fullfledged GUI for a simple prototype when they want to upda

Coderev - A toolkit generates side-by-side html pages for code review

Coderev - simple code review toolOverviewCode review before check in code changes is a must in most projects, but what will you do if you want other developers to review your changes? Send them the diff generated by "svn diff" or "cvs diff" or something else? I believe that would bring a lot of pain to the reviewers - raw diffs are difficult to read when you changed many lines. Coderev is just the thing you need for effective code review. Coderev is a quite simple and small toolkit that can Comp

Spark-java - A sinatra inspired framework for java

SparkSpark is a Sinatra inspired micro web framework for Java. SparkGetting startedExamplesHello WorldSimpleRESTfulFiltersAttributesJavadoc Getting startedimport static spark.Spark.*;import spark.*;public class HelloWorld { public static void main(String[] args) { get(new Route("/hello") { @Override public Object handle(Request request, Response response) { return "Hello World!"; } }); }}View at: http://localhost:4567/hello ExamplesHello WorldHello world example: import static spark.Spark.*;impo

Jquery-datastore - jQuery plugin providing key-value storage, binding, and publishing.

How it WorksThe core method, $.ds(keypath), returns a datastore context object for the requested keypath. Keypaths use dot-notation, e.g. cd.title, to descend the datastore value tree. The context object exposes the methods used to define behaviors, set and get values, query the state of any node on the datastore value tree, and much more. Most methods of the context object return a new context object to allow for chaining. A simple and compact developer interface is an important feature of jque