FOne- Formula One Manager

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FOne is a web based Formula One manager simulator



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THE JMASK Quite easily through simple formulas, you can create masks for your text entries in forms. $(document).ready(function(){ $.JMask("#cpf", "999.999.999-99"); $.JMask("#fone", "(99) 9999-9999"); $.JMask("#data", "99/99/9999"); $.JMask("#placa", "@@@-9999"); }); HTML Code <input type="text" id="cpf" name="cpf"></input> <input type="text" id="fone" name="fone"></input> <input type="text" id="data" name="data"></input> <input type="text" id="placa" name="placa"></input> DEFINITIONS "9" = Num

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controlBluecontrolBlue is cross-platform software that allows you to use a bluetooth enabled series 60 phone as a remote control for you computer. Gives you full control over your computer. RequirementsOn your PC: Python Bluetooth The PyBluez library On your cellfone: Python for Series 60. (Obviously, your phone needs to running Series 60, and must have bluetooth) NoteThis site is clearly under construction... Check back in a while! So far I have tested this on a Nokia 6630, and Linux on my PC.

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Galera do futebol do Vila

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SMS via MNF is a simple SMS sender that allows you to send SMS through your MyNetFone account. It is created on the Android Platform. The program has been tested on: Android 1.5

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FoxFone is a project for any and all iPhone Developers or anyone with knowledge of the Objective-C language. There are millions of users out there that use the wonderful Mozilla Firefox, primarily because of it's fundamental concepts, such as being open-source, being expendable with plug-ins, and generally being a better browser than other alternatives. This is the goal of FoxFone, to write a browser that runs on the iPhone that follows those concepts as well. Fore more information, contact any

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FoneWatch automatically records all incoming and outgoing phone calls made on your mobile device. All recordings are stored to a database, which can later be searched. Stored phone calls can be played back, paused, resumed, and stopped. For added convenience, fast forward/backward rewind is available.

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Feeds is a native news reader for the iPhone based on the Google Reader API. It can be downloaded using or Cydia from the repository. TranslatorsI'm currently looking for people who would be willing to translate Feeds into their native language. Please contact me, if you'd like to help. Donate DisclaimerFeeds is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Google.

Idoser-spydoses - # iDoser // .sbg, .drg //@maçaespia

PROJETO DE BWE/BWS. Brainwave Syncronization também chamado de "Brainwave Entrainment" é uma forma de induzir a pessoa a um determinado estado cerebral com sons que estimulam o cérebro. Tipos de sons e efeitos:ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ @ Doses isocrônicas: sons de apenas um tipo de frequência nos dois alto-falantes. Podem ser ouvidos sem fones de ouvido. São muito efetivos. @ Doses bineurais: São sons

Hpcalc-iphone - HP Calculator Emulator for the iPhone

HP Calculator Emulator for the iPhone News09-Mar-2008 - Calculators are now built using the SDK and running in the simulator... Still waiting for Apple to approve my registration so I can test on a real phone and distribute them in June. 06-Feb-2008 - New version of all calculators for 1.1.3 firmware. 7-Jan-2008 - The ModMyiFone source has been added to so now all you need to do to get the calculators on your iPhone is make sure you have the Community Sources package installed. You

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iDynDNSiDynDNS is a Dynamic DNS Updater for the iPhone. If you use your iPhone in an environment where you don't have control over the IP address it gets (static mapping), and it changes periodically, iDynDNS automatically updates the hostname of your choosing on your account to point to your iPhone. You can find iDynDNS on Installer or Cydia (under Networking. It's part of the repository). Or, if you'd like to install it manually: Download the zip file in the do