Folder Syncer

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Sync file contents between server. Allows for synchronization with directories on a NAS. project was created to supplement limitation of Windows Live Mesh to sync NAS directories.



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FolderSync is a folder pair synchronization program, so you can have the latest changes of the files in both folders, matching them with the name and comparing file sizes and modified dates.


Industrial grade file copier with retry, folder-to-folder sync, md5-compare and namable configs for quick-select or automation. Supports mapped and networked drives.

Sbfoldersync - Songbird Add-On to sync playlists

Sync Playlists or the whole Library with a folder! You can use USB-Mass-Storage-Devices with this Add-On. FolderSync is available as AddOn for Songbird and integrated into Nightingale. Comment, Download and Rate this AddOn at Songbird's AddOn Page More Information about FolderSync are avaiable in the Manual. If something goes wrong or you have additional questions, simply ask!


FolderSync is a minor program written in C# for the Paradigms of Programming coursework (Oxford Brookes University - Computer Science MSc)

Folder-Sync - Folder Sync using JAVA

Folder Sync using JAVA

folder-sync - synchronize two folders with each other

synchronize two folders with each other


Its an android camera app, which shoots and stores images when you are clapping. Combined with Dropsnap or Foldersync, you can instantly upload the images to some server.

folder-sync - Little helper script to sync a folder into tmpfs for a short amount of time

Little helper script to sync a folder into tmpfs for a short amount of time