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FolderDrive is a small tool that turns your folders into drives. Imagine having your Dropbox folder behaving as the (almost real) harddrive. It's another handy solution in the ongoing quest for quick access to your favorite folders. The project is developed in C# using WPF ...



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Syncnshare - Synchronize your data and share it with your peers

Client-based synchronization software with possibility to share folders with project-partners. This program runs in the client and does not require any software to be installed in the server. Client computers need to be able to mount (share) a server folder. For example, in Windows the server folder may appear as drive Z: , while in Mac OS the server folder may appear as directory /Volumes/server Calling syntax Sync'n'share is execute within command line like this: Mac example: ./syncnshare myma

Tzync - Tzync! - A Sync Tool On Steroids

Get Tzync, now at version 2.0! Does this seem familiar to you?You have a folder with a gazillion other folders and files nested inside it on your home computer. You want to copy it to your computer at work, which also contains the same folder and its gazillion other folders and files inside. Just when you are about to hit copy, you are hit by a major doubt! What if you overwrite a file on your work computer with an older file on your home computer? What is File Synchronization Software?Basically

Gdrive- - Google Storage Virtual Hard Drive for Windows

Somebody took "gdrive" so I'm stuck using "gdrive-" ... oh well ... Using Dokan, I created a program allowing you to mount a virtual hard drive that maps to a Google Storage bucket. You are then able to perform all typical Windows file/folder operations (create, delete, read, etc.) on your Google Storage bucket.

Tweetfs - TweetFS is a FUSE filesystem used for Twitter Accounts

TweetFS is a FUSE filesystem written in Python that can manage twitter statuses of users as regular files. Users are also able to update the tweets by adding files to the user's directory. This will eventually update the user status on Twitter. If a new file is created in another user's folder, they will get it as a personal message. This project makes use of python-twitter and fusepy modules for python. Usage Mount the filesystem by running python <root-dir> <mount-point>where root-d


Industrial grade file copier with retry, folder-to-folder sync, md5-compare and namable configs for quick-select or automation. Supports mapped and networked drives.

Volume Daemon for GNU/Linux

vold is a Volume Daemon for Linux that can automatically mount CD-Roms, Harddrives, USB Flash Sticks, iPods etc. It is also possible to identify Partitions by UUID or volumename and mount them in a pre-defined Folder. Aims to replace mounting by hand!

Nirvanix-python - Nirvanix API library for Python

Nirvanix Storage Delivery Service (SDS) dramatically reduces time-to-market for integrating storage to online media applications. Accessible through standard web services, SDS provides Internet-scale storage, optimized for media. SDS is the first to provide full file system capabilities for managing files and folders, integrating end-user accounts and media processing. This library supports a rapidly expanding subset of the Nirvanix methods. Currently only data storage and retrieval is supported

Image-resizer-fs - FUSE filesystem to mount any existing directory tree to provide reading images as

Image Resizer FSDescriptionWith this script, you can mount any existing directory tree to any folder in which all images will behave like thumbnails of original image. When to use it?Whenever you needs smaller image than original and don't want to resize it manually. For example when you send photos via email or when you upload some photos to web. Original photos usually have size in MBs and it's not necessary to send photos to your friends in original quality. With this, you can (without any wo

Truecryptautomount - Automatically mount TrueCrypt encrypted volumes using USB keys on Windows

Please enable compatibility view when viewing this page in IE8. Table of ContentsTable of ContentsAbout this ProjectConfigurationKnown IssuesSupportContributeLicenceSimilar/Related Programs About this ProjectThis project provides a windows script host JScript which allows using TrueCrypt key file encrypted drives to be automatically and transparently mounted when a USB stick with the correct key file is inserted. In order for this script to work the drive to be mounted must be encrypted using a

flap mail user agent

flap is a mail user agent written in pure Java. Its main distinctive feature is mounting message folders (like POP3 or IMAP) into a virtual folder tree, just like on Unix. Other features: macros language (w/ BeanShell) and extensive filter rules.