Folding@Home Netboot Server

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Network-booting Folding@Home server in 65 MB or less.



Related Projects

Fahmu - A Folding@home network management utility

Allows management of numerous folding clients across a network from a central console or web interface. The server app runs on one machine and displays information about all folding clients on the network, as well as providing a web management interface. The client app runs on each folding client computer and transmits stats to the server machine. Also allows control of the folding service.

Anafold - An Nucleic Acid Folding Analysis Program

AnaFold is een programma ontwikkeld en geschreven door studenten van de Hogeschool Avans Breda in opdracht van Guido Jenster van de afdeling Urologie van het Erasmus MC. Anafold is ontwikkeld om de positie van microRNA’s te toetsen op de 2-dimensionale structuur van precursor miRNA’s, zoals snoRNA’s. De 2D structuur van een precursor miRNA’s bestaat uit een stam en een loop, of een meervoud hiervan. miRNA’s worden doorgaans gevonden op de stamstructuur van de precursor miRNA’s. Er wo

Wekaonline - Web service for running machine learnings on the fly

WEB INTERFACEMaking the web interface "classifiers" textarea so that client can select (rather than write) the algorithm to run. either by emulating weka like "windows" style or a structured view showing all configurable parameters in one 'window' Enabling n fold cross-validation instead of default 10-fold mode (client should be enabled to run leave-one-out cv) Uploaded dataset validator, i.e. that if it's csv or arff, that we validate that they are correct format (there should be weka api for t

Macaw-book-metadata-tool - A tool for collecting page-level metadata of digitized book-like objects

As part of a larger process to scan books, book-like things, folio volumes, large fold-outs, and other materials for online access or digital libraries, Macaw was developed to collect arbitrary page-level metadata and manage the scanned pages before being send on to other systems, such as the Biodiversity Heritage Library and the Internet Archive. Macaw is built in a modular manner to be customized to a system’s unique needs through two sets of required PHP objects. The first is meant to inges

Gkrellfah2 - F@H plugin for gkrellm[d]..

Gkrellfah2 is a plugin for GkrellM2 that monitors and controls the Linux Folding@home client. It features configurable text output, monitoring of cpu use, autostart of F@H clients, standalone or client/server models, and logging of completed workunit

Mmo-minecraft - A collection of CraftBukkit plugins for Minecraft to give an MMO feel to it

Designing and coding a series of mmo/rpg related plugins that are meant to interact with each other for a full mmo-rpg feel. Using Spout (it's the replacement for BukkitContrib, currently semi-unusable due to the change etc, but will no doubt get on here in a week or two). Spout basically lets the server do things on the client like add GUI elements, popups, new block types, and things like that (on top of the server-side bugfixes and optimisations)... It'll be better once the bugs are ironed ou

Mirroran - Angosso

developer siteweb All IssuesActive Java "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\WINDOWS\\Local\\Isapi Director\\Ressources.dll" # Configuration file for the Mirroran ISAPI Director # Full path to the log file for the ISAPI Director log_file=c:\\Program Files\\logs\\isapi_redirect.mirroran # Log level (debug, info, warn, error or trace) log_level=info. auth_complete LOCALHOST needed for IIS 7.0 for handling requests using the PUT HTTP method, secure transfert handing. ResquestSend Headers in Google Serveur Delegate

Gwt-client-server-dev-env - Sample client-server development environment for GWT - based on the Gree

When developing GWT, there are java classes both on the server side and on the client side. A developer can mistakably invoke client code directly from server code and vice versa, causing an app not to work @ runtime. The recommendation to help from making such a mistake is to use a package convention: - com.sample.client for client code and - com.sample.server for server code This is not sufficient enough, for such a mistake may still happen - especially when eclipse adds imports automatically

Pl-sql-editor - PL/SQL Editor module for NetBeans IDE

PL/SQL Editor module for NetBeans IDE (Version History)This project will add support for editing Oracle PL/SQL objects right inside the NetBeans IDE, including syntax highlighting, code folding and indentation. About PL/SQL EditorThe aim of PL/SQL Editor is to provide a convenient way to work with the following Oracle objects inside NetBeans IDE: Functions Procedures Packages Specification Packages Body Types Specification Types Body Triggers With each object you could perform the following oper

Hd-360 - Open Source Help Desk System for Support teams in Organizations or all sizes. System has be

IntroductionHelpDesk 360 (HD-360) is a market leading, business-class help desk software solution for companies, organizations and businesses of all sizes. Its Open Source under GNU GPLv3. Use it to increase your Support Team's performance by many folds. Features 1. Comprehensive business-class Help Desk Solution. 2. Intuitive interface, support for SLAs, reporting, Ticketed support and escalation management. 3. Advanced reporting, workflow, SLA and ticket scheduling features. 4. Flexibility –