Foils - model airfoil plotter

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Draws accurately scaled model airfoil rib or foam cutting templates on any printer in Windows 3.1 or later, or via clipboard to some drawing and CAD programs.



Related Projects


XFLR5 includes the xfoil program for foil analysis, and several 3d analysis methods for planes : - a non-linear lifting line method for standalone wings - two vortex-lattice and a 3d panel method for the analysis of aerodynamic performance of wings and plane operating at low Reynolds numbers The latest v6 version introduces stability analysis of planes.

Parabinomialtheorem - The World's fastest Binomial Expansion algorithm.

using computer-aided technology to perform expansion of binomials - automatic binomial expander Performing complicated binomial expansion in a few clicks, instead of solving them yourself! Save energy, save time. Using robust Parabivg manipulation algorithm to FOIL binomials in less than a second. The application is written in Objective-C, using Cocoa framework and is, therefore, very lightweight and portable (size: approx. 156 KB) The windows version is 811 KB, written in C# requires .NET Frame


A user-space solution for configurably disabling the ability of a process to access the internet. It is especially useful for foiling code that is suspected of containing spyware.

foil - Foreign Object Interface for Lisp

Foil provides a protocol and code to interface between Lisp and instances of runtimes such as the JVM and CLR, offering comprehensive, safe, dynamic, efficient, and portable access to Java and CLI libraries from Lisp, with an emphasis on working in Lisp

Prestopronto - Software for analysis of Quick Exafs and Dispersive XAFS data

The software PRESTOPRONTO (from Italian “soon ready�) consist to a full GUI EXAFS program aimed to the analysis large data sets. It is a free open source software. The main benefit of the code is to allows to the experimentalist to follow in real time the evolution of the QEXAFS or X-ray Dispersive experiments. The code is formed by executable: Prestopronto.exe and PCA_GUI. The former is in charge to read big dataset from QEXAFS and DISPERSIVE beamlines, apply calibration and alignment corre

Fterm - Java library for representing data using Feature Terms

fterm is a library to represent data using the Feature Term formalism. It supports the creation of ontologies, and the basic operations with feature terms: subsumption, antiunification and unification. Additionally, it implements a collection of refinement operators which can be used as the basis of many learning and reasoning algorithms. As a bonus, fterm comes with a collection of learning algorithms already coded as examples: similarity evaluations, FOIL (HIDRA), LID, INDIE, ABUI, AMAIL, and

Pybox2d-foil - Airfoil physics simulation for pyBox2D / Box2D

Simulates the basic lift/drag equations on a NACA0015 airfoil, and inputs the forces into Box2D. The simulation is aimed at accuracy, but it runs quickly, and would be suitable for integrating with a game where you wanted a glider, airplane, etc. It can handle forces from multiple airfoils, and includes a glider construct and a kite already.

Gsoc2011-csrf-protection - GSoC2011 Cross-site script request forgery protection for Apache Tapestry

IntroductionThe cross-site request forgery (CSRF) protection module protects Apache Tapestry 5 applications against CSRF attacks. It does this by adding a protection token parameter to each request that is sent by the browser. An attacker cannot guess this parameter. If a request is submitted without the token parameter or with a wrong value the CSRF attack is detected. The Threat - Cross-site request forgery Taken from 'foiling cross-site attacks' by Chis Shiflett. -

Grecode - A program to manipuate gcode

Donate via Paypal For many CNC machining applications it might be required to modify the gcode. grecode can shift, rotate, mirror, align gcode. It is called from the command line. By executing it without parameters, a hopefully usefull help message will be displayed: Usage: grecode <operation [optional value]> [-o output_gcode.ngc] [ input_gcode.ngc] [-g output.gnuplot] Operations:-xflip inverts all X coordinates and expressions -yflip inverts all Y coordinates and expressions -xyexchange just r