Foundation of F# Examples

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This the source code of the examples given in the book "Foundations of F#".



Related Projects

Fof-ct - Fabric of Future

Fabric of Future implementation in Java. Project for controlling industrial robot that will manage the order from SAP system and take raw material from inventory and finally produce the finish product

Spidr-python - SPIDR Python interface

This client (and API) connects to the Space Physics Interactive Data Resource (SPIDR) to obtain space weather data. Installation:------------------% python installUsage Example Post-Installation:------------------If for no other reason than to confirm install succeeded, you can...% python% >>> from spidr_python import spidr_api% >>> spidr_api.get_data('iono_fof2.bc840','20100101','20100102') also has simple examples of integration.

Skewreduce - Skew-resistance execution of a distributed job in Hadoop

SkewReduce is a framework to reduce impact of stragglers in a distributed data analysis task. The project provides two components: partition optimizer and runtime. The partition optimizer derives a good partition of input data based on user-supplied cost model of the algorithm and sample input data. The runtime schedules a series of MapReduce job in Hadoop according to the partition plan. For more detail, please refer the paper published in ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing 2010 -- Skew-resistant

Mpiden - Experiments with halo finding algorithms.

Hi, These are experiments with Halo finding algorithms. All this code is under development.

Mcasmet-keyboard-hero - Guitar Hero/Frets on Fire clone

A project for an electrical engineering class. Basically, a FoF clone programmed in C++ and Qt. Yes, using Qt for something like this is like using a screwdriver as a hammer. Qt was chosen as a learning exercise. The first release of Keyboard Hero will be approximately June 10th, 2008.

Fofix - Frets on Fire fork with plenty of features, customizable themes and options

(Frets on Fire X) Downloads of the latest stable version (3.121) are in the sidebar and on the Downloads tab.Downloads of the latest unstable version (4.0.0 alpha 1) are on the Downloads tab.Visit our IRC channel: #fofix on OFTC (web interface)NewsNovember 27, 2010Version 4.0.0 alpha 1 released The first alpha of what will eventually become FoFiX 4.0.0 has been released. There is a lot of work still remaining to be done, but this alpha will let you preview and check out what has been done so far

Mstgraph - Minimum spanning tree for 6D FOF analysis of the nbody data.

Kruskal minimum spanning tree algorithm from the BOOST library used to analyse the phasespace density in the N-Body simulations.

Wii-guitar-light-show - Play your wii gutar on your PC, with a cool LED light Show!!

With "wii-guitar-light-show" you can play "FRETS ON FIRE" or any other game using a wii Guitar, and the Led's light up to indicate what fret your holding!

Fof-shard - Field of Fire UO POL Shard

Code for Ultima Online shard, named Fields of Fire and situated in Odessa, Ukrain. It uses POL (Penultima Online) emulator.

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