Flock of Birds Library

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libfob is a C++ interface to Ascension Technology Corporation's Flock of Birds position and orientation measurement system.




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Jvat - Java - Video Annotation Tool

JVAT is a video annotation tool, which is used to draw SVG animations over videos. These SVG documents can be separate files or they can be stored in video containers along with the video. Algorithms used in JVAT: Canny Edge Detector http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canny_edge_detector Sobel Operator http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sobel_operator Blob Detection http://v3ga.net/processing/BlobDetection/ Either Jffmpeg or Fobs4JMF is required to view video files properly. Screenshots Edge detection sampl

FFMpeg Objects - C++ amp; JMF bindings

Fobs (Ffmpeg OBjectS) offers multiplatform object oriented APIs (C++, Java) to ease the developing effort of using ffmpeg in your application. A JMF (Java Media Framework) plugin is also included in the package.

Fobvis - Acquisition and visualization of human motion in 3D

Python software based on VTK and wxPython with the following functionality: Complete user interface for performing motion capture study, including step-by-step guidance during calibration of sensors and acquisition of motion. Acquisition from multiple motion sensors. Currently extended support for Flock-of-Birds EM system, Optotrak being worked on. Real-time 3D visualization of acquired motion data. Plugin for the advanced Visual Data Analysis of captured motion data in order to facilitate kinem

Master-control - low cost integrated RFID door access system

This is a low cost rfid based access system. The solution consists of 1 or more (basic version allows up to 4) rfid readers using the wiegand protocol. These readers interface with an Arduino compatible board which also has a driver for controling electronic latches. The Arduino compatible board handles communications with the readers, and control of the locks. It communicates with a computer running a python script with a database back end for storing/controlling rfid fob account/access permiss

Arduinoha - Home Automation project using the Arduino

Browse the source-code!!! With this project i'm aiming to create an intelligent Home Automation solution around the Arduino platform for my own home. By using an 433mhz radioreceiver and transmitter i'm able to receive and transmit RF signals to communicate with RF-based devices. The Arduino is the node which does the decoding and encoding of the signals. The Arduino also is the orchestrator which does all the scheduling and has the controlling-logic. Although i'm talking about the Arduino-platf

Victamin - Code from Victor Martins / Pixelnerve

Code repository for libraries, projects, experiments, etc. Compliments from Victor/Pixelnerve At this repository you will find ready-to-use libraries for Processing and/or Java. Occasionally, i upload code for a specific technique/technology, code for a application/demo or simply just an example of some kind. You will find plenty of useful bits. MOVIEGL ~------ http://www.pixelnerve.com/processing/libraries/moviegl A library for loading and rendering movies using JMF+FOBS for applications built

KeyFob - Eagle files for the HSKL key fob.

Eagle files for the HSKL key fob.


A php implementation of CocoaFob

gatekeeper - When carrying a fob is just not good enough.

When carrying a fob is just not good enough.

Edencrystallography - EDEN: macromolecular X-ray holographic electron density reconstruction

EDEN: Electron DENsity holographic refinementAuthorsEden is written by Hanna and Abraham Szöke. Current Stable Versioneden-5.3 What is Eden?Eden is crystallographic real-space electron-density refinement and optimization program that produces electron density maps with minimal model bias in a robust manner. This program improves macromolecular crystallographic electron density maps in a maximally unbiased manner. There are now two versions of eden, "seden" and "deden." seden is compiled with si