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FO3D describes an XSL-FO standard compliant method for representing 3D content in the FO documents and provides an exemplary extension for the use with Apache FOP (Version 0.95) - available under the Apache License v2.0 - to create 3D PDF documents.



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3D Molecule Viewer

3D Molecule Viewer is a stand-alone, demo version of the C-ME application that InterKnowlogy built for the Scripps Research Institute (TSRI). It is a WPF application built in C#. Affectionately called "The Cancer App", the full version of this application (a WPF front-end fo...

Fofix - Frets on Fire fork with plenty of features, customizable themes and options

(Frets on Fire X) Downloads of the latest stable version (3.121) are in the sidebar and on the Downloads tab.Downloads of the latest unstable version (4.0.0 alpha 1) are on the Downloads tab.Visit our IRC channel: #fofix on OFTC (web interface)NewsNovember 27, 2010Version 4.0.0 alpha 1 released The first alpha of what will eventually become FoFiX 4.0.0 has been released. There is a lot of work still remaining to be done, but this alpha will let you preview and check out what has been done so far

D3dcontrols - Direct3D Windows Control written in C#

I created a windows control to hopefully simplify adding Direct3D to .Net applications, it is written in C#. This control has a lot of functionality, but it by no means has everything that I intended on putting in. It is my first real Managed DirectX project so be a little forgiving if you find something that is not done just right.The purpose of this control is to provide a Direct3D surface that can be added to any .Net windows form. It has a lot of features that can do most of the busy work fo

Depsolver - Multimaterial 3D electrostatic solver focused on the calculation of dielectrophoretic fo

NEWS (2008-11-10) Bugfix release 2.1 available for download in patch and full version forms. It fixes a mistake in the multipolar calculation of orders 2 and 3 for quadratic triangular elements. All previous versions have been marked as Deprecated to avoid confusion, but they are still available for download for those who need them for development purposes (go to downloads and select "All Downloads" then click "Search"). DescriptiondepSolver is a Boundary Element Method solver for Laplace's equa

Php-sweph - PHP extension for Swiss Ephemeris

IntroductionPHP-SWEPH is a PHP extension to Astrodienst Swiss Ephemeris library. It's statically linked with libswe.a to implement one-to-one, C-to-PHP function mapping, no external binary executable are required. Function Prototype/Implementation StatusCurrently, for those function exported by sweph.c, swedate.c, swehouse.c, swephlib.c are implemented. IMHO, it is sufficient for general astrological calculation. Eclipse functions from swecl.c partially, and Heliographic function in swehel.c are

Fosa - inicio

ProjetosProjetoTCC ProjetoDRH 3D QueryDB JumpTo LastPlaylist ProjetoTCCO ProjetoTCC foi desenvolvido como trabalho de conclusão de curso para obtenção do titulo de bacharel em ciência da computação da Universidade Federal de Roraima - UFRR - . Tem como objetivo criar uma inteface intuitiva para melhor adaptação do usuário, substituindo a interface criada por Nizar Kerkeni no programa jEDF. ProjetoDRHO ProjetoDRH é um sistema voltado para o cadastro de trabalhadores da UFRR na forma de

Npk - neat package system

npk : neat package systemnpk is a simple file packager and also means its file format, called 'en-pack'. 한국어 설명 페�지� 준비�어 있습니다. If you're finding a platform independent, easy-to-use and secure packaging system, choose npk. It works on most modern operating systems and also supports powerful tools for manipulating your package. npk consists of below items. libnpk : Base library that read/write npk format. (written in C) npk : Command-line interface handles npk-fo

Jfeg - Java Front End for GnuPlot, specially developed for scientists.

IntroductionConsists of a front end prepared to communicate with Gnu Plot via scripts. It aims to help people using Linux to handle great data files. It is inspired on the same proposals of Origin Lab, which is not a free software. We plan to develop this project until we can reach a desirable performance, i.e., the software can be used in actual research. Basic outlineGnuplot is a well known software, specially developed for Unix/Linux systems (as part of GNU projects). It is not common seeing

Dream3d - Simple game engine for puzzle games and arcade

This my personal project i began fo training my professional skills and probe of some ideas.

Nxt-python - A pure-python driver/interface/wrapper for the Lego Mindstorms NXT robot.

nxt-python is a python driver/interface for the Lego Mindstorms NXT robot. The 1.x releases aim to improve on NXT_Python's interface and should be compatible with scripts which use it while the 2.x releases improve on the API in backwards-incompatible ways and will not work with NXT_Python scripts. Getting startedTo start controlling your lego nxt robot with python, just follow the setup instructions on the Installation page. NewsNov 20, 2011: Release of bugfix version 2.2.1. Fixes a major issue