FnFX - Toshiba ACPI Daemon for Linux

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FnFX enables owners of Toshiba laptops to change the LCD brightness, control the internal fan and use the special keys on their keyboard (Fn-x combinations, hotkeys).




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Eee-osd - A scriptpack to get back standard osd-display for hotkey-commands and managing acpi events

Project DescriptionThis scriptpack aims at enabling the osd-display that one has with the standard xandros os on the eee-pc on other distributions. Furthermore it offers support for the fn-fx hotkeys for brightness, volume control and so on. Currently this scriptpack has only been adopted and customised for eeeXubuntu but developers who use other distributions on their eee may feel free to port it for their distribution as well. CHANGELOG2.1added configfile functionality position of the osd can

fnfx - Toshiba laptop function key utility

Toshiba laptop function key utility