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fmDB is a web tool to configure HTML forms including select box and radio check buttons. Visual HTML web interface make it easy to configure the forms. This project aims to provide a PHP code using QuickForm and QuickFormController in PEAR library.



Related Projects


A Cocoa / Objective-C wrapper around SQLite

fmdb-migration-manager - Schema Migration support for the SQLite library FMDB

Schema Migration support for the SQLite library FMDB

Acre-fmdb-sandbox - FMDB sandbox

A clone of FMDB for testing svn externals

Flycode - Random bits of code from Flying Meat.

This project has been moved to github: has moved to: Please update your web and gopher bookmarks appropriately.

Iphone-rsdb - An Objective-C Active Record-like Wrapper around SQLite for iPhone

rsdb is an active record like Objective-C wrapper around SQLite. rsdb is based on fmdb. Where fmdb queries return NSArrays of NSDictionaries, rsdb returns subclasses of RSDBRecord. rsdb supports belongs-to and has-many relations.

Agg-mg - Implementation of an Agglomeration Multigrid Algorithm

This project is not supported anymore. The work is now being further developed (with many changes in its scope) under the new project Delfine.

Acre-fmdb - Freebase movie browser

A server-side javascript (Acre) movie browser

Andromeda-mac - A new platform for digital philology on the Mac

Andromeda is the new way to read classical texts on your computer. For philologists, Andromeda makes life much easier -- you have the power to browse, search, and compile data from ancient texts with Mac simplicity. For developers, Andromeda speeds the process of creating tools to analyze ancient texts or deploy new databases of texts to the world. Portions of this code are not licensed under GPLv3. This includes: MIT -- FMDatabase ( BSD