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The ultimate open source GIS/RS mapping application(s)(May Be...)... Developped with GTK+/Gnome using Glade with C. Based on: 3D vector/objects, FGDC Metadata, PostgreSQL, OpenGIS...



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Fcasemap - A google maps mashup web application

fmap is a google maps mashup web application for managing maps of restaurants or other places.

Fmap - Programa de escritorio para organizar volumenes de ficheros

Programa de escritorio y multiplataforma(java) que nos permitirá organizar volúmenes de ficheros (cds, dvds, unidades extraibles, unidades de red, etc) offline para luego poder realizar búsquedas y conocer en que dispositivo de almacenamiento y en que ruta tenemos el fichero buscado.

Mashup-pautomas-lfm - LastFMap

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

Flashmap - fmap - Flashmap for regions in firmware images

Flashmap, or fmap for short, is a very simple specification to expose layout of firmware images which typically reside in a small flash memory chip in computers. It makes no assumption about the binary it is embedded in or its underlying technology (EFI, Coreboot, PC BIOS, etc). In theory, fmap could be modified to describe a myriad of binary blobs. For our purposes, we will describe things such as fields and flags in the context of an individual firmware image. fmap is currently used to map out

Jsparsec - A memoizing parser combinator library for JavaScript

This project has been moved to: The initial implementation of some combinators and the memoization is derived from: Functions with similar names as in Parsec should work correspondingly: The jsparsec-javascript module is based entirely on the WebBits library. Featuresdue to tail call optimization recursive parsers work in infinite depth, and long r

Edsmap - Flex version of

This is only a personal project to test some ideas, with no clear plan nor purpose. It is a flex version of edushi Hefei. It still remains very early stage..... Maybe we don't need this project. see:

Kacheek-chat-robot - A Chatbot written in Flex, using Solr.

Short DescriptionThis is not an AI. Currently in development. I am using Bart Veenstra's project SolrAs. The picture of the Kacheek in the project is a property of SolrI use documents indexed by solr like this: curl "http://localhost:8983/solr/update/extract?" -F "myfile=@tutorial.txt" I intend to use the Short Abstracts docs from, if I can download the archive, because now I don't have an access to it

Fsharp-typeclasses - Emulate Haskell's typeclasses in F#

OverviewDemonstrate how using inline and operator overloading is possible to emulate Haskell's typeclasses in F#. This project in based on this post Sample code> fmap ((+) 2) [1;2;3] ;;val it : int list = [3; 4; 5]> fmap ((+) 2) (Some 3) ;;val it : int option = Some 5> let a:list<_> = return' 1 ;;val a : int list = [1]> let a:option<_> = return' 1 ;;val a : int option = Some 1> [(+) 10;(*) 2] >>= fun f -> [f 1;f 2;f 3] ;;val it : int

Geo-gpx - Parse GPS Exchange (GPX) files

=This project has moved to github A library for parsing GPS Exchange (GPX) files using HXT. Simple ExampleRemove waypointsRemove all waypoints from a GPX file and write the result to a new file. import Data.Geo.GPXremoveWaypoints :: FilePath -> FilePath -> IO ()removeWaypoints = flip interactGpx removeWptsMin/Max ElevationThe following is a complete example that finds the minimum and maximum elevation (ele) in a list of GPX files. import Data.Geo.GPXimport D

Firmware-event-log - Firmware Event Log

Firmware Event Log This project aims to provide open source reference code usable for logging critical system events to non-volatile memory (flash / EEPROM). This kind of log typically resides on whatever memory the system firmware uses, hence the name of this project. Other firmware-based logging mechanisms exist, but are often (if not always) proprietary and are tied into a specific firmware core. This project is intended to be open and generic. This log format is designed around the industry-