floAt's Mobile Agent

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FMA is a SMS Manager, Mobile Phone Monitor, Remote Control Agent, Phonebook Manager, Organizer, Fun and much more; whatever you want it to be, it is whatever a mobile phone should have :-) (Currently based on Sony Ericsson features set).




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Iphonegravitygamepad - A PC game that is controlled using the iPhone as if it was a gamepad.

The project is divided in three parts: - iPhone controller client The App running on the iPhone which connects to the media server and streams the data measured by its sensors. It also sends some actions such as button clicks or triggers. Written in Objective-C - FMA red5Java server application The piece in the middle between the iPhone and the Flash game. It receives the data through a UDP socket and streams it using RMTP to the Game client. Written in Java - Flash Game The flash game client. W

FMA Human Body- Analysis Services 2008 Cube

The Foundational Model of Anatomy ontology (FMA) is OPEN SOURCE and available for use. This Project is a conversion to a MSAS 2008 cube. It is intended to be used for quick study by Med Students. Link for project: http://sig.biostr.washington.edu/projects/fm/AboutFM.html

Pl8c - Cross platform charge controller for the FMA PowerLab8 v2 charger

This software is designed to be a standalone control software for the FMA/Revolectrix Cellpro PowerLab8 (v2). It's not designed to replace CCS but rather to provide an alternative which is lighter and simpler than it.

Fma-in-owl - Foundational Model of Anatomy in OWL

Here we collect tools and conversion approaches for the Foundational Model of Anatomy (FMA) in OWL. A first result is a representation of the FMA in OWL (DL). Our version of the FMA classifies in under 4 seconds using the CB reasoner. If required, this time can be further improved through the use of the EL Vira modularization approach. This FMA conversion assumes that relations between two classes represent always X SubClassOf: R some Y statements. The conversion is complete in that all relation

Jitasm - x86/x64 JIT Assembler Library

jitasm[En] jitasm is C++ library for runtime code generation of x86/x64. You can write the code like a inline assembler. [Ja] jitasm�x86/x64�コードを動的�生��る���C++ライブラリ��。 インラインアセンブラ�よ��直感的�記述�動的�コード生�・実行を行��������。 Features[En] Header only library Support for x86, x64, mmx, sse, sse2, sse3, ssse3, sse4.1, sse4.2, avx, fma, xop, fma4 Automatic code generation of prolog

Phenomeblast - Comparative phenomics tools for aligning and analyzing phenotypes across species

Tools for comparative phenomicsHere, we provide a number of tools for the integration, analysis and exploration of phenotypes across species. We currently provide these tools: PhenomeNet: PhenomeNet is a cross-species phenotype network in which nodes are compared based on phenotypic similarity. PhenomeBrowser: The PhenomeBrowser is a web-interface to explore the PhenomeNet. PhenomeBLAST: PhenomeBLAST is an ontology-based tool that provides a practical implementation of cross-species alignments o

Vital-sign-ontology - Vital Sign Ontology

The Vital Sign Ontology (VSO) is an extension of the Ontology for General Medical Science (OGMS). VSO covers the four consensus human vital signs: blood pressure body temperature respiration rate pulse rate It provides also a controlled structured vocabulary for describing vital signs measurement data, the various processes of measuring vital signs, and the various devices and anatomical entities participating in such measurements. The preliminary design of VSO is described in a Bio-Ontologies 2

Pocket-FMA - Mobile player for FMA

Mobile player for FMA

mod_Alchemy - FMA themed alchemy and transmutation circles mod for Minecraft

FMA themed alchemy and transmutation circles mod for Minecraft