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FM-Classic provides an easy way to get data from Java servlets into Web pages, and helps you keep graphic design separate from application logic. FM-Classic is a continuation of the FreeMarker 1.x code base.



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Sparkle-Turntable-Bot - A bot for the Indie/Classic Alternative 1 + Done room.

A bot for the Indie/Classic Alternative 1 + Done room.

Ahmcode - Personal code repository of Alastair Montgomery

DescriptionPersonal code repository snippets an experimentation in Python, Pyglet and pygame. Take it, use it, learn by my mistakes. ContentsPyBrickA clone of the classic Breakout game written to teach myself pyglet Requires Python 2.5 or 2.6 Pyglet 1.1.4 last2tweetPosts your latest Last.FM artists to your Twitter or FriendFeed accounts. Requires Python 2.6 SimpleJSON feedparser Twitter API FriendFeed API LibraryVarious library functions and code snippets

Intelliradio-midi - IntelliRadio is a Radio Framework developed using Java that can be used to easil

In the past, radio was primarily broadcast over FM or AM bands. Radio has, since its inception, has played an integral role in the lives of its listeners. Even the invention of a more comprehensive electronic media device such as the television did not hamper the extended use of radio in the day-to-day lives of consumers. With the development of the Internet as a medium for communication and mass sharing of content, most services that are used by humans today were moved online to achieve better

Uldunad - Ultimate Dungeon Adventure (UlDunAd)

NewsWe've moved everything over to github recently, and since then development of version 0.5 has really picked up speed. V0.5 is a complete rewrite of the code and started a few months ago. It's not really stable but the feel of the game is aiming to be a whole lot more complex and fun to play. Issue tracking and source are no longer being controlled on google code, but this page will still be used for News and Updates. Thank you for your support. Version 3UlDunAd has slowly been progressing (w

Mrw-plugins - A Logitech Media Server plugin for listening to Classic FM, Heart, Capital FM, LBC, Xf

This project hosts ClassicFM, a plugin to allow Logitech Media Server (formerly Squeezebox Server) users to listen to live and listen again streams provided by the following radio stations: The Arrow, Capital FM, Choice FM, Classic FM, Gold, Heart, LBC, and Xfm. It can be installed using the server's Extension Downloader, and should be found in the "Other 3rd party plugins" list. If not, add: to the list of Additional Repositories in the Exten

Playlisttolastfm - Convert music playlists to text.

I got tired of manually writing down the playlists on journal posts so that will link to them and preview them, so I made a quick little program that will convert a music playlist (.m3u) into text ( code) that can link. For example, it will convert this #EXTINF:431,Rush - Working Man D:\\Classic rock\\Rush\\Rush - The Spirit of Radio - Greatest Hits\\01.Working Man.mp3 into 1. Rush - "Working Man" See example here: post See ReleaseNotes

Comixzone-sdl - Comix Zone - SDL

A SDL Remake of the 1995 SEGA Mega Drive \\ Genesis, Comix Zone! Including Cross-Platform Functionality and ACTUAL SOUND(like real Sega Genesis\\ Mega Drive FM Synthisis) and is Hardware Independent! Please Contribute! This Project Needs People willing to: recreate or rip images work with adlib fm synthisis Trackers to get sounds Ports to: ac OS X (and Classic) inux! SD variants SP\\DS reamCast port! ny Other Systems you can think of! :D Visit Development Requirements in the Wiki!

Pidgin-musictracker - A Pidgin 'now playing' plugin to publicise the songs you are listening

pidgin-musictracker is a plugin for Pidgin which publicises your currently playing media to your contacts. Currently supported players: on Linux: Amarok, Audacious, Banshee, Clementine, Exaile, feed, Listen, MOC, MPD, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Songbird + DBusBird addon, SqueezeCenter, Vagalume, XMMS, XMMS2 >= 0.6 plus any player supporting the MPRIS DBus interface (Amarok2, BMPx, dragonplayer, Exaile >= 0.3, Goggles Music Manager, Guayadeque, QMMP >=0.3, Rhythmbox, Songbird + MPRIS addon, V

Bpaplugins - Collection of SqueezeCenter plugins - created or maintained by bpa

A repository of Plugins for SqueezeCenter created or maintained by bps. The plugins are only suitable for SqueezeCenter 7.3 or higher. This repository was created so that the plugins may be downloaded and installed using the Extension Downloader. The url to be used as the repository with Extension downloader: AACplus A Plugin Settings to enable playing AACplus stream types using mplayer. Discussion on AACplus on SC7 are mainly in this thread ht

classical-analysis - Analysis of music played on 89.9 FM All Classical radio

Analysis of music played on 89.9 FM All Classical radio