Flymake: on-fly syntax checker for Emacs

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Flymake is a universal on-the-fly syntax checker implemented as Emacs minor mode. Flymake automatically runs the syntax check tool, parses the output for known error patterns, highlights erroneous lines and shows overall check status in the mode line.



Related Projects

Flymake-js - Emacs Flymake JavaScript extension

Emacs is an extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time text editor. Flymake is an Emacs minor mode. It runs on-the-fly syntax checking for C, C++, Java, etc. sources. Flymake-JS is an extension of Flymake for syntax checking of JavaScript codes.

flycheck - On the fly syntax checking for GNU Emacs (aka "flymake done right")

On the fly syntax checking for GNU Emacs (aka "flymake done right")

Csharpmode - A mode for editing C# in emacs v22 and above

This is a mode for editing C# in emacs. It's based on cc-mode, v5.30.3 and above. Main features; font-lock and indent of C# syntax including: all c# keywords and major syntax attributes that decorate methods, classes, fields, properties enum types #if/#endif #region/#endregion instance initializers anonymous functions and methods verbatim literal strings (those that begin with @) generics automagic code-doc generation when you type three slashes. intelligent insertion of matched pairs of curly b

Flex-compiler-shell-daemon - Simple daemonized wrapper for fcsh

Fast Flex Compiler, without the interactive (and blocking!) shell.Usage$ "mxmlc /path/to/foo.mxml -o /path/to/foo.swf" Loading configuration file [...][...]/path/to/foo.swf (349854 bytes)(fcsh)$ "mxmlc /path/to/foo.mxml -o /path/to/foo.swf" Loading configuration file [...]Nothing has changed since the last compile. Skip.../path/to/foo.swf (349854 bytes)(fcsh)Why?If you do flex development outside Flex Builder (very likely if you use Linux, as the official Flex Builder is quite

Jslint-for-wsh - JSLINT / JSHINT for WSH on Windows

This project includes these major itemsA modified version of Douglas Crockford's JSLINT.js , that works with WSH (cscript.exe) A modified version of JSHINT.js, that works with WSH a flymake-for-jslint elisp module for use of the modified jslint or jshint within emacs. These versions of jslint.js and jshint.js include two changes from the originals: allows reading of the filename on the cscript.exe command line reformats error messages so that they are similar to those emitted by a C compiler. Th

Oz-code - Various small Mozart/Oz projects.

jzon: a simple JSON parser and printer; supports different character encodings and pretty printing ozfind: source code navigation and documentation finder for Mozart/Oz in GNU Emacs (see also: elmoz: a source code annotating debugger for a subset of Oz A macro for Mozart/Oz that allows for easy list comprehension syntax. Instructions on how to setup Emacs Flymake to work with Mozart/Oz.