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fly2pdf is an ActiveX-library giving users the possibility to create PDF-documents directly. If ActiveX-libraries are supported by programmes, PDF-documents will be produced without any further software needed.



Related Projects


GraphicsMagick is the swiss army knife of image processing. It provides a robust and efficient collection of tools and libraries which support reading, writing, and manipulating an image in over 88 major formats including important formats like DPX, GIF, JPEG, JPEG-2000, PNG, PDF, PNM, and TIFF.

Flying Saucer - XML/XHTML and CSS 2.1 renderer in pure Java

Flying Saucer takes XML or XHTML and applies CSS 2.1-compliant stylesheets to it, in order to render to PDF (via iText), images, and on-screen using Swing or SWT. The library implements (basically) the entirety of CSS 2.1 and aims to be fully compliant with the W3C specification; it includes a small handful of CSS 3 features.

Zendparadoxpdf - This is a helper for the Zend Framework, which allows you to generate PDF files bas

Helper: ZendParadoxPDF Requires: ZendFramework 1.10.7 Author: Mohamed Karnichi Adaptation to ZendFramework: Lukasz Klejnberg What is ParadoxPDF? ParadoxPDF is an ezpublish extension thant provides a realy easy way to serve your content as PDF files. It's platform independant, easy to use and performant. What is ZendParadoxPDF This is an adaptation paradoxpdf to ZendFramework - this is a helper written by Lukasz Klejnberg. Why ParadoxP

Django-cups - simple app to enable printing from django using cups

This project is a simple plugin app for django that enable printing directly from django. This app requires : python-cups python 2.5/2.6/2.7 Tested on Django 1.3 Current features : list/choice printer store favorite printer per user print from file (can be generate on the fly) (ps/pdf)

Lighttexteditor - Light Text Editor in Clojure (LTEC)

Light Reports Text Editor (GUI tool built with Clojure Lisp)(Updated on 5/15/2010) There aren't many open, easy to use tools for generating PDF, Image, or SVG report documents that use a black box approach. The Light Reports GUI tool combines a set of simple tools for converting XML or HTML documents into PDF or Image documents. keywords: clojure, xhtmlrenderer, java, xmltopdf, xhtmltopdf, iText Resources:

Mediaz - A collection of media-oriented applications in Java (ImageZ, ...)

A collection of media-oriented applications in Java, by me. PDFZ - a simple binding for mupdf for Java. ReaderZ - an experimental kobo touch e-ink e-reader application. CSZ - a pre-alpha XHTML layout engine supporting CSS 2.1 in a streaming operation. ImageZ - a pre-alpha project for a multi-layered bitmap editor. Still somewhat unfinished ... News30-3-12 Ok, so I had no luck after-all. The 1.0rc1 release of MuPDF just came out a few hours ago, and by chance I noticed it and had a couple of hour

Yarpengallery - Media web gallery - simple, small, fast

I hear you asking: "yet another web gallery?" Well, this is the gallery that fit my needs. It's up to you to give it a chance. See About section for more info and philosophical thoughts about joys and sorrows of web galleries. Yarpen-gallery can handle images, music files (mp3, ogg, wma...), videos, and all other binary files as I require to handle it -- with thickbox pop-ups for images; and with simple access via links in the case of binary files. AboutThere are hundreds of web galleries availa

Sshfsmux - Have fun with your data and let SSHFS-MUX/GMount rock!

SSHFS Multiplexer (SSHFS-MUX) was born because we live in the cloud era, where you are likely to have multiple/many machines and you want to share data among them. Originated from, but Beyond SSHFSSSHFS Multiplexer (SSHFS-MUX) originates from SSHFS, but is more than SSHFS. For example, by SSHFS, you can: $ ssh host:/target/directory /local/mountpoint directory mountpoint / \\ ==> / \\ data1 data2 data1 data2where via mountpoint, you can manipulate remote files as local ones. By SSHFS-MUX, you al

Quelea-projection - Open source song projection software

SummaryPlease see for the main website! There's some good lyrics projection software out there already, some of which is free and open source, some of which is commercial. With Quelea we aim to incorporate the best features of existing solutions as well as leveraging new, useful technologies that existing solutions don't have - providing it all under a free, open source license. Latest version: 0.5.1Video errors are now more clearly displayed Large number of images in img folde

Sedev - SE Developers project group aiming to deliver best and easiest tools to mod your Sony Ericss

SEDEV [ ] Studio products making sedev project group is applications designed for every user to achieve very easy and robust modding and tweaking experience for educational purposes only. SEDEV Patch Studio 1.2 is Windows, Linux and Mac OSX compatible application for modding, repairing and servicing Sony Ericsson cell / mobile phones in the case they malfunction or are damaged by improper software customisations made by community. Project mainly is intended to deliver on-the-fly VKP Recovery Pat