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Floyd is a collection of 3D libraries, mathematics and scene libraries and utilities. The main parts of it are geometry library Elea, OpenGL scene graph library Miletos and posing application Khayyam.




Related Projects

Dpstudio - All From kaix.in

Themes or other web design from FloydLiu's Personal Web Site http://kaix.in

Javagraphpackage - Package to manipulate direct and undirect graph

This package provide an interface to manage direct and undirect graph. Minimun paths between nodes, center nodes, ect ...

Guduz - A Simple Random Early Detection (RED) Simulator

The Internet Traffic congestion avoidance algorithms are becoming crucial for the traffic optimization, fair use of resources and quality of service. Guduz or YaRED is a simple and flexible implementation of Random Early Detection algorithm of Sally Floyd, Van Jacobson. It can be used as an educational tool or to understand the basics of the RED algorithm. Note: Authors of this code has developed a modified version of the original RED that removes queue weight parameter by using a master equatio

Javax10 - Server providing full control over CM15A or CM19A USB interfaces

Java based X10 server for interfacing either the CM15A or CM19A X10 USB. The source code is available as a Netbeans project that can be downloaded and run within Netbeans, or built. Install libusb and the CM15A driver (.inf) produced by libusb, per the instructions on Floyd Kreutzer's website, before running the Netbeans project. Once the codebase is stable, I'll run a build and post it to the downloads page.

Scalgorithms - Algorithms and Data-Structures in Scala

Scalgorithms is a collection of basic algorithms and datastructures written in Scala. Following is the list of algorithms supported so far : - Sorting : QuickSort, MergeSort - Heaps : Binomial Heaps,Fibonacci Heaps - Dynamic Programming : Longest Common Subsequence - Graphs : Search Algorithms : Depth First (including routines for Topological Sorting and Strongly Connected Components),Breadth First, A-Star Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithms : Prim's Algorithm,Kruskal's Algorithm Shortest Path Algo

Hoja9 - Algoritmo de Floyd

Usted es el encargado de venta de boletos en una empresa de autobuses extraurbanos de la República de Guatemala. Para apoyo de sus labores usted mantiene un grafo (con dirección), cuyos nodos son las cabeceras departamentales de Guatemala y los arcos son la distancia, expresada en KM, que existe entre un par de cabeceras. Debido a los recientes estragos que ha causado el invierno en nuestra red vial, usted se ve en la necesidad de actualizar constantemente su grafo, para indicar que no existe

Iplab - Image Processing Lab

Image Processing Lab is an image processing application written in C#, which includes different filters and tools to analyze images available in AForge.NET Framework. The following filters are available in the IPLab application: Color filters (grayscale, sepia, invert, rotate, channel extraction, channel replacing, channel filtering, color filtering, Euclidean color filtering); HSL filters (linear correction, brightness, contrast, saturation, hue modifier, HSL filtering); YCbCr filters (linear c

Knoxxr-pathfinder - PathFinder for AGV

Shortest Path Finder Application for AGV System

Graph-theory-algorithms-book - A book on algorithmic graph theory

This version is not longer maintained. The newest version of the book is at the URL http://code.google.com/p/graphbook. (Please update your links accordingly.) A GNU-FDL book on algorithmic graph theory by David Joyner, Minh Van Nguyen, and Nathann Cohen. This is an introductory book on algorithmic graph theory. Theory and algorithms are illustrated using the Sage open source mathematics software. To get an overview of the book, you can view the table of contents as shown below or download the c