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FlowDesigner is a free quot;data flowquot; development environment. It can be use to build complex applications by combining small, reusable building blocks. It has similarities with Simulink and LabView, though it is not designed to be a quot;clonequot; of any of them.




Related Projects


RobotFlow is a mobile robotics tookit based on FlowDesigner. The visual programming interface provided with FlowDesigner will help people to better visualize amp; understand what is really happening in the robot's control loops, sensors and actuators.


Calimbra increases your productivity by creating the infrastructure code for your Flow Designs (FD) automatically. Describe the flows in a file assisted by Calimbra. Calimbra will create function unit classes based on this file and provides the infrastructure "glue" code at ru...

Event-Based Components AppBuilder

Helper library and application to design, develop and run .NET applications based on flow definition language.

Flowdesigner-wiki - FlowDesigner Wiki for online node documentation

Project is hosted at SourceForge (http://flowdesigner.sf.net). However, we needed a fast wiki for online documentation & examples.

Csvviewerhc11 - CSV Viewer Herbstcampus 2011

CSV Viewer App Kata as demonstrated first at the Herbstcampus 2011. Requirements and original Flow-Design model diagrams in /doc folder. Code implemented up to iteration 3 in C# with MonoDevelop 2.6/OS X. (Should compile fine with VS 2010; maybe minor adaptions have to be made to project settings.) Compete requirements for Application Kata (5 iterations) can be found here: http://clean-code-advisors.com/ressourcen/application-katas

Syspeak - SysPeak 组织(http://www.syspeak.com)

SysPeak 组织�立于2011-09-07日,致力于打造一�的�业级业务平�。 目�专注于MakerEAP(Maker Enterprise Application Platform)项目,其�项目包括Maker-Workflow(工作�管�平�),Maker-Report(报表平�),Maker-Logger(日志平�),Maker-Platform(业务平�)等。��将给出详细的roadmap,敬请关注� �时欢迎热爱开�的有识之士加入我们��系方�QQ群:19564395

fd-example - FlowDesign example, calculate tax

FlowDesign example, calculate tax


A small sample application showing two different architectures: multi-layer vs flow-design.


This is the result of a 2 day hackaton to build a prototype flow desinger for Enterprise Integration Patterns (Apache Camel).