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Flow4J is a java framework, that enables the user to model process flow with a gui interface. The flow may include tasks, decisions or calls to other process flows. The saved flow is in a jar file together with its bytecode.




Related Projects


Flow4J-Eclipse is a plugin for the eclipse IDE that enables the modelling of process flows in a drag and drop manner. Building a Flow4J project creates the flow\'s java source code and is then compiled by the JDT plugin. Uses the eclipse-gef framework.

Anflow - another work flow using java

another work flow using java â—� require jdk 1.6+ â—� require slf4j â—� require mfinder

Pixelflowjava - Simulation d'onde

PixelFlowJavaPixelFlowJava est une application Java qui peut simuler la propagation d'une onde selon le principe de Huygens discrétisé sur une grille de point. En fait PixelFlowJava est plus générique et permet d'étudier un cellular automaton pour n'importe quelle matrice 4x4. Ref.: ECHENARD, N. & WAGEN, J.-F. (2006) WLAN Service Coverage Based on PixelFlow Predictions. 4th International Conference, WWIC. Bern Switzerland. Chopard, B.; Luthi, P.; Wagen, J.-F.; , "Multi-cell coverage predict

Twilio4j - Java library for creating state machine call flows for Twilio

twilio4jAs of April 30, 2012, the twilio4j java library contains two parts, but is still a single jar file. Part 1 is the Twilio state machine lib, which has always been part of twilio4j. Part 2 is the Twilio java client library, which has been added so that we have a java client lib that can be used on Google AppEngine. Part 1 is the Twilio state machine library which allows you to create call flows easily in java. You can install one servlet and implement your code that reacts to Twilio callba

Biblio - java based books collection manager

A java based tool for manage your books, connected to google books, you can download data for a book, using your webcam as a isbn scanner. Explore your books and find informations about a writer via wikipedia. Maintains your google books account using the synchronization tools. Mainly based on: Google API and library books http://code.google.com/intl/it-IT/apis/books/ zxing image scanner and isbn barcode reader http://code.google.com/p/zxing/ mozzillaswing for the built-in browser for viewing Wi

Reward4j - An easy reward system for the Java platform.

An easy reward system for the Java platform.reward4j is intended to simplify the reward of certain actions within an application which users execute. The reward system uses a simple currency model (coins). Each user has an internal account that increases or decreases the coins due to the executed action the user has triggered. Annotation basedTechnically all is done by using an annotation that defines which action is active and how rewarding the executing of this action is. I.e. @Payable(action=

Sunteams-inverter-logger - Retrieves data from the Sunteams inverter

IntroductionThis is a java console application that retrieves data from the Sunteams inverter via serial port and logs to a daily file output every 30 seconds. It will also to upload data to http://www.pvoutput.org via the API http://www.pvoutput.org/help.html#api-spec The second stage will to run (attempt to) this via an Atmel atmega328p chip to remove the need for a PC This should work with other models as well but only tested on 2000/2800 model News2012-02-27Arduino - Serial routines tested a

Sweet-template - Simple WEb front-End Template

Sweet javascript templateSweet (Simple WEb front-End Template) is a lightweight javascript template with high performance. It's small, fast, very easy to use, and, most important, extensible. It also has been integrated with jQuery. See the template html below: // Not like many other template tools, I use <[...]> as delimiters, // but you can change delimiters to what you prefer by a little method...var tpl = '<ul>' // Here's two control flow, you can use any javascript expression in the templat

Jbpm4community - jBPM 4 community branch.

Since Tom left Red hat and jBPM may be replaced by drools flow, in order to go on support current jBPM 4, we have to create a community branch.

Open-rtvision - Real-time visualization environment for image processing reconfigurable devices

Open rtVision (Real-time visualization environment for image processing reconfigurable devices)Open rtVision is an open source tool developed using .Net framework. The application is an interface between the module for the image acquisition from cameras and a coprocessing board connected with a computer using the PCI/PCIe bus. For more information about the system go to the detailed description. Software platformA simple and efficient interface is rather important for the development of complex