Flori - learning objects repository

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Flori (Fedora Learning Object Repository Interface) is a web front-end for Fedora Commons, specialized in managing learning objects and their meta data. Key features include virtual repositories and flexible meta data schema's.




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Smoothtail - Smoothtail is a tail utility written for Microsoft Windows that is simple, free, and pr

Believe it or not, Microsoft Windows has not got any tail utilies that are simultaneously good, free, and easy to use. To remedy this situation I wrote what is essentially a helper script that uses Florian Frank's <flori@ping.de> excellent File::Tail library. Combine an explanation (in the script itself) of how to add this tail utility to the Windows "Send To" menu with pattern matching and the result is a nice little tail utility.

Floris - stuff and projects by Flash developer Floris aka xdev

Welcome to my playgroundThe projects & stuff are coming soon... Meanwhile you can take a look at my website and blog. Have fun ! Are these projects copyright protected ? You're not allowed to copy them. You may use them as example. How do I join your projects ? Unfortunately, this is my playground, with projects which you can't join.

Helloworldproject - a vBulletin &quot;Hello World&quot; product example

This is a free for download for any licensed customer of the forum software vBulletin. This works with version 3.5 and above. And is just a small example of a product. The code will be a single xml file one can import directly from the control panel as administrator. It will work with any loaded style, comes with phrases to translate the text to any installed language and is very easy to expand upon or disable or even uninstall without affecting the functionality of the board.

Auto-aqua - Kontroler do akwarium.

Celem tego projektu jest zautomatyzowanie wszelkich możliwych procesów w akwarium, które nie wymagają czynnika ludzkiego. Pozwoli nam to kontrolować naszym zbiornikiem podczas naszej nieobecności. Także więcej czasu możemy poświecić na podziwianie naszej fauny i flory.


Project for the course Programming 2 at University of Twente. By Jeroen Monteban and Floris Smit


Implementation of a Mutex for Active Record


basic scripts for a variety of things


Ruby as a templating language

floris - basic scripts for a variety of things

basic scripts for a variety of things