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FLORA-2 is a powerful knowledge representation and reasoning system designed for building knowledge-intensive applications. It is based on F-logic, HiLog, Transaction Logic, and also supports defeasible reasoning. Applications include intelligent agents, Semantic Web, ontology management, and more.




Related Projects

Worldwide Botanical Knowledge Base

Web application to make user-friendly requests on large XML database. Tools to XML-ize large bodies of semi-formal texts (like floras). Computer-assisted specimen identification. Uses natural language processing, 2D/3D images analysis and generation.

Epistor - Find flora and founa

Find flora and founa using keywords. e.g. type: "yellow butterfly" find "Gonepteryx rhamni" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gonepteryx).

FloraJS - FloraJS is a JavaScript framework for simulating natural systems in a web browser.

FloraJS is a JavaScript framework for simulating natural systems in a web browser.

Bangkoktype - A Ruby on Rails-based CMS

A Content Management System (CMS) developed to power the website of The Siam Society, Under the Royal Patronage. The Siam Society is an organization in Thailand that promotes the preservation of Thai heritage, culture, art, nature, wildlife, flora, through its study trips, lectures, museum, exhibitions, and publications.The goal of this CMS is primarily to make it easy to use and to fit the needs of most non-profit and for-profit organizations in Thailand. However, internationalization is a stro

Monkey-mahjongg - 3D Mahjongg game using jMonkeyEngine

Monkey Mahjongg is a 3D mahjongg implementation using jMonkeyEngine. While it should run stand-alone and make fun, the main purpose is to show a simple but complete game implementation, which can serve as demo and example (including a tutorial), so it should be kept small and simple. Finally the code should become part of the jmetest package, however this site will provide stand-alone downloads. Of course, there will be some references to the "fauna and flora" around jME, which includes monkeys,


Implemented in Flora-2/XSB, F-OWL is an inference engine for the standard Web Ontology Language OWL. A set of Java API is provided for applications to assert and query OWL ontology statements.

Flora-theme - University of Lethbridge "Flora" Theme for iGoogle

A branded theme for iGoogle, based on the branding provided by the University of Lethbridge web team.