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Floggy is 100% object-oriented open source persistence framework for Java ME / MIDP applications.




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Bbbflashcard - J2ME FlashCard Application

BBBFlashCardComing soonUser's Guide for BBBFlashCard for J2ME BBBFlashDroid - BBBFlashCard for Android PlannedBBBDict (dictionary) for J2ME BBBDict hungarian - english dictionary BBBFlashDict for J2ME - BBBFlashCard and BBBDict integration BBBFlashCard for J2MEIntroductionBBBFlashCard is a J2ME Flashcard Application. The flascards are stored in RecordStore, and loaded from XML files. The BBBFlashCard Converter is able to convert Excel and OpenDocument files to proper xml files. The application u

eventos-me - Código de exemplo em Java ME usando Floggy e LWUIT

Código de exemplo em Java ME usando Floggy e LWUIT

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