Flock - RSS aggregator

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Flock is an RSS aggregator written in Java. It is a server-side web application accessible with a browser, similar in spirit to AmphetaDesk.




Related Projects

Floq - RTS Flocking Game

Create flocks of flying animals and battle against other flocks.

Simple-flock-simulation - Simple Flocking Beahviour Simulator

An exploration of the behaviour shown by flocking. This project not only provides a flocking simulator but also presents the flock in a nice web based silverlight application. The flocking behaviour is taken care of by standard .Net classes with the goal of being able to plug it into any visual renderer. The default here is Silverlight but with the end goal of having a functional DirectX implementation.

Flock-ipernity - use of the ipernity-API for integration into Flock browser

Integration of the social networking site ipernity into the Flock social web browser. List of ipernity-API kits here: http://www.ipernity.com/help/api The main page for Flock developers here: http://developer.flock.com/wiki/Main_Page The extension is not working yet! The XPI package is for developing & testing purposes only! Feeds Trivia

Cps108-magnetic-flocks - Animation engine and Leaderless Flock Simulator

This project is a 2D simulation of leaderless flock behavior written in Java using the Swing GUI package.

Icompgraf - Project in Computer Graphics

We create fish swimming in a flock, based on the boids model.

Flockediflock - Flocking algorithms

Giving a go on flocking algorithms, rendered by a very basic 3d engine. The aim is to gain understanding of the workings of flocking. This project should at its term contain preys and predators that will switch behaviors depending on the situation. I'm trying to keep behavior as easily tweakable as possible.

Android-flocking-tutorial - Example of Craig Reynold's flocking algorithm for Android phones.

An example of Craig Reynold's flocking algorithms for Android. Targeted towards lower end devices. Not a game, but just an example for those interested in AI techniques and flocking in particular. Available for download on the Android Market under the name "Flocking Tutorial"

One-of-the-pack - Experimental Game for Experimental Game Design class at RPI

This is an experimental game based on the idea of people flocking together. DownloadsTiled Map Editor The download links for this map editor are on the right side of their page.

Foxiewirex - FoxieWire extension

This project is discontinuedFirefox extension to send a web page, link, or frame to FoxieWire from context menu or toolbar button. CompatibilityMozilla Firefox 1.5 - 3.0.* Flock 0.7 - 1.0.* Netscape Navigator 9.0a - 9.0.* InstallLatest stable release (v0.2) Dev builds Screenshots

Flock of Birds Library

libfob is a C++ interface to Ascension Technology Corporation's Flock of Birds position and orientation measurement system.