Floating point basics and exceptions

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Web pages with an introduction to floating point quot;arithmeticquot;. FAQ's on floating point. Code for handling floating point exceptions on 80x86 machines. Info on a few aspects of floating point, the Linux 80x86 FPU emulator, etc.




Related Projects

CRAFT HPC Floating-point Analysis

CRAFT for HPC (High-Performance Computing) uses binary instrumentation to perform runtime analysis of floating-point code, detecting cancellations and making precision level recommendations.


Eisenkraut is a cross-platform audio file editor. It requires Java 1.4+ and SuperCollider 3. It supports multi-channel and multi-mono files and floating-point encoding. An OSC scripting interface and experimental sonagramme functionality are provided

Mpfr-mpp - MPP is a C++ wrapper for the MPFR arbitrary-precision floating-point library.

MPP is a C++ wrapper for the MPFR arbitrary-precision floating-point library. It is designed to make life relatively painless for the user, while sacrificing little in the way of functionality. It is to be accompanied by mpp_c, a complex number class based upon MPFR, and mpp_matrix, a matrix class of the same nature. Neither of these has been released as of yet, although their debut should coincide rather nicely with the debut of a usable version of MPP. (Note that neither is necessary for MPP t

Doxygentoxmlconverter - Converts Doxygen Comments to XML Documentation

A very very quickly and badly written converter between Doxygen and XML source code documentation. In essence, transforming: /** * @brief Transform a floating-point vector by the properties passed to the class. * @param vVector The vector to transform. */ public void transformVector(ref Vector3 vVector)into: /// <summary> /// Transform a floating-point vector by the properties passed to the class. /// </summary> /// <param name="vVector">The vector to transform.</param> public void transformVect

4oj4-project - Customizable floating point processing unit

This is a project for my 4OJ4 project in McMaster University. 5 weeks to go. Let me have it done!!


It is generally not wise to compare two floating-point values for exact equality, for example using the C == operator. The fcmp package implements Knuth's suggestions for safer floating-point comparison operators as a C function.

Snes-sdk - Super NES / Super Famicom Software Development Kit

SNES-SDK is a C toolchain and libraries targeting 65816 systems, specifically the Super NES (aka Super Nintendo, Super Famicom). It consists of a version of TCC equipped with a 65816 code generator and modified versions of WLA-DX (assembler and linker) and SNES9x (emulator for running the test suite). It is extremely hacky and very unpolished, but it passes a substantial part of the GCC test suite and even has floating-point support. It also comes with a version of the demo game for the SNES pse

Euclidcalc - Euclid is a calculator tool which evaluates mathematical expressions and typesets them

Euclid evaluates mathematical expressions with infix notation and typesets the equation and result with LaTeX. It supports all common arithmetic and algebraic operations including manipulation of scalar variables. Integer and floating-point data types are supported. A plug-in framework allows developers to easily extend the functionality of the calculator by providing additional mathematical functions. The calculator engine may also be used in other projects without the user interface.


A simulator of Donald E. Knuth's fictitious MIX processor written in Java, which includes support for floating-point arithmetics.