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Flip-Flop is a program designed to make the use of multiple monitors on a Mac OS X system easier, and more enjoyable. It aims to help with movement, resizing, ordering, and quick repositioning of windows through verious means.




Related Projects

Digital Logic Simulator in Silverlight

This project is a basic simulator for digital logic circuits. It includes a variety of gates (AND, OR, XOR, NAND, NOR, NOT), JK and D type flip-flops, a pulse generator, logic high and low levels, wires, and switches.

U-nebula - Small and powerful scriptable 3d graphic game engine

Small and powerful scriptable 3d graphic game engineThe modification of Nebula1 game engine, originated by Radon Labs GmbH continued and modified by 3Doors.Engine is currently in use in the FlipFlop v1.0 game produced by 3Doors.The engine supports TCL, Python, ECL(Lisp) and Lua as script languages.


Ulis LV2 Inserts. A series of LV2 plugins. There is already a AND NAND OR NOR XOR XNOR NOT and SR, JK, D, T FlipFlops and Latches.

Logic Circuit Simulation in C++

libLCS is a hardware description library in C++ aiming to be as powerfull and easy as the Verilog HDL. It currently supports logic gates, flipflops, clock, and facilitates delays, continuous assignments and variable value dumping into VCD files.

Flipflop1 - Tomas Filip projects

Projects development..

Deltacam - digital logic simulator

Digital Logic Simulator First year computer scientists sometimes have difficulty working out how Boolean logic and finite state machines work. It might be helpful to have a simple graphical simulator that would allow a small circuit diagram to be sketched and then exercised with test signals, and the resulting changes in signals displayed. The user interface should allow the user to select components from a library (including, say, 2- and 3-input NOR and NAND gates, RS-, JK-, D- and T-type flip-

24-chan-parport-controller - 24-Channel Multiplexed Parallel Port Controller

This program allows control of 24 individual on/off channels through the parallel port. It reads channel states and a project name from a text cue file on your computer that contains the cues for the controller. This program uses parashell to control the parallel port. The multiplexer uses 74hc74 D-type flip-flops. More information on the circuit can be found here. The cue number and cue file identifier are displayed on the top line. The third line is the list of channels. The next line displays

Counter-bcd - Counter BCD

Este projeto é referente a um relógio digital com 6 displays 7-segmentos, representado no formato HH:MM:SS. A versão inicial do projeto trata-se de construir um bloco com 3 contadores BCD representado em displays 7-segmentos, contando de 000 a 999. O mesmo será utilizado como componente no projeto do relógio.