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Robust P2P streaming. Tolerates Byzantine users and selfish users!




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Mashup-scopey-flightpath - Mashup

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

Ardupilot-kit - utilities for ArduPilot

IntroductionA small toolkit for ArduPilot, currently offers: Hardware-in-loop flight simulation with FlightGear Basic Ground Station with telemetry logging, flightpath (kml) and csv export. And that's it for now...

Wow-vladvro - World of Warcraft Addons and Tools

Editor for AddonsSciTE-Ru code editor with full Lua and WoW API 3.0 syntax highlighting and calltips. my WoW AddonsGuildBankAccount. Linkswotlkwiki.info Flightpaths www.wowwiki.com World of Warcraft API Lua editors Making a macro ru.wowhead.com

E-men - Project 5 for CS491

IntroductionWhile the amount of data gathered in various domains increases, the need for developing interactive visualizations to help scientists understand and process the data faster arouses. In this project we will focus on crime visualization. The Chicago Tribune newspaper has a webpage that stores all the crimes in a particular zip code and time interval. In the Chicago Tribune website the data is presented in HTML tables and we will try to visualize it in a better understandable and intera

Flight-Path - A game template based on controling flight paths.

A game template based on controling flight paths.


My other second or third game ever. Created with Allegro. Shoot the enemy helicopters, and don't crash into the ground.

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