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Java wrapper for the Flickr API.



Related Projects

Flickr-lte - A light wight Java Lib over Flickr's REST API

While Most of us used FlickrJ in the past it is complex and hard to extend... Flickr-LTE is a light wight java wrapper over the REST API. It spring 3.x project with Jaxb and Maven

Jflickrorganizr - jFlickrOrganizr provides a set of utilities that aim to ease the tediousness of Fl

jFlickrOrganizr (or jFO for short) is a Java desktop application aimed at providing utilities that complement existing tools that help organise and manage uploaded Flickr content particularly the official Organizr. This project uses the FlickrJ API v1.1. Version: 0.2-alpha (development version at 0.2-alpha) Running jFlickrOrganizr: See HowToRun Current features: Lists all sets and their sizes. Add tags to sets. Add a simple machine tag to sets. Features planned: Auto-authorization. More flexible

Flickrdownload - Allows downloading your photos and associated metadata from Flickr.

FlickrDownload is a program that runs from the command that allows you to download all of your photos and the associated metadata from Flickr. The metadata is stored in a XML file and HTML files are generated so that you have a fully-functioning static copy of your Flickr account on your local computer. It supports the following features: Downloads information about all of your sets and collections. Supports downloading photos and videos. Downloads the following image sizes: small square, medium

Jfgs - JFlickrGroupStats

AboutJFlickrGroupStats is Java desktop application. Program can gather statistics of the Flickr groups. The main aim of the program is count photos and comments added under photos. Summary show which user uploading photos without commenting photos of other users. CreditsJFlickrGroupStats is using flickrj library - Java wrapper for the Flickr API. Screenshot OutputExample output of the program. Summary of group called Szczere Komentarze. First list of phot

flickrj - FlickrJ packaged for processing

FlickrJ packaged for processing


Java API For Flickr. Fork of FlickrJ


A Java library for interaction with Flickr with support for Android in mind

flickr-js - Flickr API Test with Express.js

Flickr API Test with Express.js