FlickrAPI for Python

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Python implementation of the Flickr API. Has been discontinued here and moved to a new comfortable home at



Related Projects

Clildr - CLI Flickr upload script

Python script to upload large amount of photos to Flickr.

Flickrapi-js-library - Flickr API Javascript Library

A Javascript library for interacting with the Flickr Services API using JSONP.

Flickrdw - A downloader that could batch fetching flickr images

A downloader that could batch fetching flickr images. It requires to run. Please check this page for the instruction of download and installation.

Pyckr - Python Flickr Uploader

PyckrPyckr is a Python Flickr Uploader, a tool that can upload pictures to your Flickr account. It uses flickrapi and it's being written using Qt4 GUI toolkit. No source code is available at the moment because I'm still designing code structure and GUI.

Flickr-simple - flickr api

ruby gem for flickr. goals of this project is to provide a simple / fast way to get data from your flickr account to your ruby project

Flickrsuckr - FlickrSuckr - a simple, self-contained PHP Flickr API utility

FlickrSuckr is an easy to use, lightweight utility used for collecting and caching Flickr API content.

Anobiiapi - Anobii python api

IntroductionThis is a wrapper for the Anobii APIs. see: My approach is so similar to the one used by flickrApi that I get his code from and I adapted it to Anobii API. Thanks to Sybren Stuvel for his work. This product uses the aNobii API but is not endorsed or certified by aNobii. How to use itIt's quite easy. first of all istance the AnobiiApi passing key and secret: >>> a = anobii.api.AnobiiAPI(key, secret)then call the api you n

Sosimilar - a website search image

Design a web like , Demo link Using library : GAE for python Django nonrel pyflickr pypng

Flickroid - A Flickr Album that uses Google App Engine

The program fetches the latest 75 pictures from your flickr account and displays it in a lightbox interface. The source code checked in doesn't contain the lightbox2 library. Please download it and place it in the same directory where your Google App engine application resides. The app.yaml file has references to the correct directory. If incase you ended up using a different directory name to install lightroom, please modify app.yaml aswell. For more information on using flickroid, please visit

MyFlickr API

MyFlickr API is a library for developers allows them to call Flickr API from any .Net Application.