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A screensaver/slideshow application that applies whizzy 3D effects to photographs retrieved from the website.



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Live Gallery

This is a Silverlight project, built on the Wall3D photo viewer starter sample, available with Microsoft Expression Blend 3. It pulls geocoded photos from Flickr service and displays them in a photo wall. The project uses MEF for themed plugins.

Net-flickr - Net::Flickr is a Ruby implementation of Flickr's REST API

Update 1/30/09Ryan and I are not heavily maintaining net-flickr any longer. Personally, I have tinkered with many updates to net-flickr only to find out that many others have proceeded me with those same ideas in an ever growing pool of other Ruby based Flickr API wrappers. The hardest problem of maintaining this wrapper is authoring custom interfaces for every API method Flickr releases, and then wrapping those custom methods into a proprietary network of Ruby object relationships. This simply

Extjscarousel - Ext.ux.Carousel : Extend from Carousel Component - 0.6.3 - 08/18/2008

This carousel component extends from the billwscotts yahoo javascript component, I made this for a web project I needed for work, using EXTJS. Try it out, if things work well let me know, if not add some code of your own to support this project. You will need the EXTJS and a Yahoo script to run this code. Download, unzip, and add the following script files - carousel.js & utilities2.5.0.js - to your web project. Code ExampleAdd the following to the <head></head> i

Silverlight Flickr Slideshow

A Silverlight 3 project that displays a user's flickr photostream in a 3D animated slideshow.

Graffiti-slideshow - Graffiti Slide.Show Photo Gallery Plugin

Description:A set of Graffiti CMS plugins that render a Silverlight photo gallery on a post page. They use the the open source Slide.Show Silverlight photo gallery control. Versions:Version 1.2This is the most current version. Uses a slightly customized version of the improved Slide.Show2 control. Slide.Show2 is written in 100% managed code using Silverlight 2.0 and deployed as a XAB file. It requires Graffiti CMS 1.1 or above. This version currently contains two photo gallery plugins. The diffe

Pytof - Export and share your Apple&#39;s iPhoto pictures

pytof helps you share your iPhoto pictures, and any pictures that are stored in a flat directory since version 0.3.0. It works on Mac, Windows and Linux. IMPORTANT NOTICE. If you want to use pytof, the trunk is currently broken. Use revision 361. (Check out first, then svn up -r 361 does the trick). WebThe default usage of pytof is to create an HTML gallery of your iPhoto albums. You can then put this generated folder online to share your pictures. There is even an ftp push option to automatical

Ldapsite - Pylons driven website to share files and content with an LDAP backend for ACL.

IntroAuthorization and Authentication is handled by AuthKit and the information is stored in LDAP for each user. After I clean things up a bit you'll see some files in the download section. Right now it is living on my local system and I'll provide some screenshots. PreRequisitesPython 2.4 LDAP 2.3 Pylons 0.9.6 Modulesstring, os, re, shutil, ldap, popen2, crack, hashlib, base64, ldif,, OU, domain.comdn:,ou=OU,dc=d

Decode - V&amp;A Decode Project

A chance to see your work on the London UndergroundThe Victoria and Albert Museum has commissioned the artist Karsten Schmidt to design a truly malleable, digital identity for the Decode exhibition by providing it as open source code. We are giving you the opportunity to recode Karsten's work and create your own original artwork. If we love your work it might even become the new Decode identity. Getting startedThe identity application is fully interactive and can be controlled via mouse, keyboar

Google-summer-of-code-2010-gephi - A project for Google Summer of Code students working on Gephi NGO

Gephi is an open source software for graph and network analysis. It uses a 3D render engine to display large networks in real-time and to speed up the exploration. A flexible and multi-task architecture brings new possibilities to work with complex data sets and produce valuable visual results. Gephi is a tool for people that have to explore and understand graphs. Like Photoshop but for data, the user interacts with the representation, manipulate the structures, shapes and colors to reveal hidde

Bonga - Eiffel Traffic Flickr Extension

Bonga's aim is to enhance the CITY_3D Traffic example with automatically retrieved, contextual, real-time image data from Flickr, in order to improve Traffic's interestingness.