Flick Operating System

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The Flick project aims to create a stable, small and well understandable Operating System.




Related Projects

DVD Flick

DVD Flick aims to be a tool to convert various PC video formats to a DVD that can be played on pretty much any standalone DVD player. Its main target audience is people who know at least the basics about DVDs and video and audio files.


Drop-in iOS component to easily import photos from Facebook, FlickR, Instagram, Picasa, and more


flickSlider.js is a jQuery plugin for controlling a list of items which can be flicked and scroll on iPhone and Android.

Jquery-airport - Airport - Simple text effect that make your text flick (jQuery plugin)

This is a very very very simple Jquery plugin that makes your text flick like the old information boards in airports and train stations.

WPF Drag Scroller

An iPhone-like drag scroller control (extends ScrollViewer) for WPF 3.5. The user can drag the content around with the mouse and then throw it by flicking and releasing the button. Includes the abiliity to fine-tune friction.

Flickcharm-python - Qt widget charm to support kinetic scrolling

This is a Python (PyQt) port of Ariya Hidayat's elegant FlickCharm hack which adds kinetic scrolling to any scrollable Qt widget.

Ptager - tag, comment and rename a bunch of pictures under a directory

This perl script will tag, comment and rename all your pictures under a directory. You can afterwards use F-Spot to import them and upload them to FlickR

Flickribbon - FlickRibbon - Photo contest hosting - http://code.flickribbon.com

About FlickRibbonFlickRibbon is an open-source application for hosting dynamic, automated contests using photos from Flickr. Developmentcode.flickribbon - Developer blogs, documentation Keep track of recent updates Submit a bug or feature request For our mailing list, check out our google group and subscribe to get the latest updates. Keep track of all project updates with the grand unified RSS feed. Powered by CakePHP

Goodflicks - A social networking site for movie lovers.

GoodFlicks is a web application built for movie lovers. Users have the ability to create profiles, rate movies, write reviews, open discussion about movies, create groups, send personal messages, recommend movies to their friends and so much more. Users have complete control of their ratings and reviews, and can remove any content they supply without problem. GoodFlicks will keep no record of the content once it has been removed (after the restore grace period for some content). GoodFlicks is a

Flickd - FlickD! is a movie collection manager for large movie collections.

DescriptionFlickD! is a movie collection manager for large movie collections. It can add new movie names from the media directly to the collection. FlickD! will help you find the movie you wish to see from the collection and even tell you the disk it's on. \t FeaturesAdd movie titles directly from DVD (file names of a specific extension can be directly added from a folder/DVD) Collections are saved in XML Collection can be exported to HTML Exported collection (HTML) can be sorted in the browser