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An actionscript 2.0 unit testing framework for use with with Macromedia Flex. Based on Nunit and other testing frameworks provides full support for testing Flex applications including asynchronous web service requests.




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flexunit - Open source repository for FlexUnit project for Actionscript 3 and Flex projects.

Open source repository for FlexUnit project for Actionscript 3 and Flex projects.

Flexonjava - Flex on Java source code

This project contains the source code snippets and sample application for the book Flex on Java, authored by BJ Allmon and Jeremy Anderson and published by Manning Publications.

Imoon - flash runtime

http://uh.9ria.com/space-42125-do-blog-id-9461.html more in http://code.google.com/p/imoons http://code.google.com/p/aisy iSunday in windows has supports multi-process

Masuland - You are just as bright as your surrounding

Login ExampleThe Login Example is a small application written in Adobe Flex. Implementations with different Flex SDKs (Flex 3.5 and Flex 4) and MVC Microarchitectures (for now only Cairngorm 2.2.2), IoC Microarchitectures (Mate 0.9.1, Robotlegs 1.5.2, Parsley 2.4.1, Spring AS 1.1, Swiz 1.4) and Cairngorm 3 Libraries (Validation Library, Task Library, Observer Library) and Flexunit 4.0 test cases ... etc. will be discussed. The code follows additional Adobe Flex coding conventions (Flex 3, Flex 4

Pocogese - remote invocation framework for Adobe Flex to use Rails and Java XML-RPC services

Pocogeseis short for "POST Commands and GET Selections". Pocogese implements the concept of Commands and Selections applied to the remote invocation of Services from Adobe Flex applications. This design choice is based on the observation that most Services either read or manipulate Resources. Reading is realized by sending GET requests with Selections ; these should not change the state of the Resource requested. Selections return with a single Resource or a list of Resources based on some selec

Gmaven-flex - Build Adobe Flex applications with Apache Maven and Groovy scripts

Project StatusMar 7 2011 Version 1.3 is out! Feb 12 2011 Version 1.2 is out! Sep 29 2010 Version 1.1 is out! Sep 23 2010 Version 1.0 is out! OverviewGMF is a Maven plugin to build Adobe Flex applications which is based on Groovy. Features: No XML configuration, use a domain-specific language to describe your builds External libraries linked easily Extremely flexible, define your own functions for repetitive tasks Generation of runtime-shared libraries for swc projects Re-use scripts in multi-mod

Fna-v2 - Fna is Not Appfuse

Fna-v2 is an open source project, build on top of old project named "fna" initiated by Adobe Technical Service Organization. Fna is "polymorphic", Fna is many things; Fna is a small maven repository to ease Flex project build cf. Maven on Flex/LiveCycle ES/Adobe projects : How to cutting edge, up-to-date but drafted samples projects, (proof of concepts and/or blue prints): Automated testing and quality control for "Enterprise" Flex applications at the Parisian Flex User Group "Les Tontons Flexeu


An implementation for ActionScript3 of the famous xMock framework as extension of the flexUnit framework.