Flex Formatter

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**Click 'Browse all files' to see the release notes** -- This tool is an Eclipse editor plugin to provide source code formatting for Adobe Flex code (i.e. Actionscript and MXML).




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Flexgdsgen - Simple Spring/Flex/Air/GraniteDS Project Generator

What is it?Flxgdsgen is an ant based generator that creates Flex/Air projects. The project uses GraniteDS for the communication between the client and the server. As the server side framework it uses Spring. The generated project is an Ant/Ivy based project that contains all the necessary files (.project, .classpath, ...) that allows you to import the project in Eclipse/Flex Builder. Before you startYou need the following software installed on your workstation. Java 1.6 (http://java.sun.com/java

Fdflexformatter - AS3 and MXML formatter plugin for FlashDevelop 3

Description This is a MXML and AS3 coder formatter for FlashDevelop 3. It's a port of FlexFormatter, an Eclipse plugin by Ernest Pasour. The formatter is working, no extensive tests where done although. Please try it and give me some feedback. This plugin has LOTS of preferences, so a Preferences Editor should to be done. Installation Copy FDFlexFormatter.dll, Antlr3.Runtime.dll, Antlr3.Utility.dll into the plugins folder of your FD Application Files Usage Press Ctrl-Shift-F while editing an AS3