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Flesh is a Java application designed to analyze a document (plain text, rich text, Word documents, and PDFs) and display the difficulty associated with comprehending using the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level and the Flesch Reading Ease Score.




Related Projects

Flesh Snatcher

Flesh Snatcher is a Java FPS game with a survival/horror ambiance.

Flendex - Flesh-Index tool

Tool for computing Flesh Index (for german texts), written in Java. Read more on topic Flesh-Index at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flesch-Kincaid_Readability_Test

Si-extensions-testbed - a place to flesh out some adapters for the incredible Spring Integration pro

a place to flesh out some adapters for the incredible Spring Integration project. This project is in no way affiliated with the Spring Integration project - just very, very big fans. the goal is to flesh out adapters, endpoints, etc in this and hopefully submit them for inclusion in the mainline

Peergate - Modern PHP based BitTorrent tracker.

peergate is going to be a modern PHP/symfony framework based BitTorrent tracker. We're still fleshing out a full feature list.

Darkcore - 3D engine intended to rapid prototying

Darkcore is a generic engine designed for prototyping 3D applications. Which aims to provide an easy interface to mesh rendering, object selection, events and animation support. Use of physics, sound, and networking will be added when the api is more fleshed out.

Dbabstracter4php - web framework with portable, configurable database abstraction engine

See the various READMEs in the Source section. This has grown somewhat from being a generic library for connecting mysql databases. frame/db now contains the descendants of the original db interface code. The rest of the framework fleshes this out with a fairly easy to understand web development abstracter / prototyping toolkit.

Realstorage - A JavaScript compatibility wrapper for localStorage

realStorage is meant to create a consistent API for the W3C Web Storage key/value store specification (i.e. work around browser bugs). It also adds some convenience functions to help flesh out the localStorage key/value API. And when Web Storage is not available, a Gears fallback is provided.

Zupal - A CMS based on Zend Framework that borrows from the lessons learned by Drupal

An attempt to merge the strengths of Zend and Drupal into a single CMS offering. Zend has made great pains to keep their framework agnostic; this is one of the reasons that for every Zend Framework sites there's a hundred Drupal sites. Drupal on the other hand has remained devoted to "worst practices" and can benefit from a reinterpretation in a more enterprise ready environment. Zupal offers A fully fleshed out domain system Scaffolding with Dojo A system for creating interconnected modules A n

Pymp4v2 - A python interface to the mvp4v2 tagging library.

This is a wrapper around the mp4v2 library hosted here: http://code.google.com/p/mp4v2/ It's a first draft and unit tests and comments need to be fleshed out, but I'm posting it here for the interested. Right now it strictly provides read/write access to the metadata tags. However, I wish to eventually extend it to incorporate the other functionality of the mp4v2 library.